Dancing Baby Spider-Man Commercial Recalls the Best and Worst of '90s Pop Culture

Dancing Baby Spider-Man Commercial Recalls the Best and Worst of '90s Pop Culture

Apr 04, 2014


In Reality Bites, we learned that "Evian" is “Naive” spelled backwards. In this new commercial for brand mineral water Evian, we learn that the 1990s are still alive and well — the worst of the 1990s, anyway. The viral vid comes after the company’s roller-skating babies ad that set a world record for “most viewed online video advertisement.” This time around, we get Spider-Man and his baby doppelganger dancing to a terrible remix of "Here Comes the Hotstepper.”

So, we have a '90s-famous water brand, set to a cheesy 1990s dance-club hit, featuring a dancing baby (shades of 1996-1998) — one of the very first viral videos in the history of the Internet. It seems Evian has given up all pretenses of being a “luxury” water brand, which just last year had high-fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg crafting its latest limited-edition bottle. The commercial is so utterly uncool it’s embarrassing, but feel free to chime in if you think that chubby Spidey baby and a moonwalking Spider-Man are great fodder for 1990s nostalgia (so we can unfriend you).




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