How to Create Your Own Dancing Baby Groot

How to Create Your Own Dancing Baby Groot

Aug 14, 2014

If you've already seen Guardians of the Galaxy (and if you haven't, beware of minor spoilers here), then you no doubt fell in love with Groot, a sentient treelike beast who's fierce, loyal and more adorable than a little puppy. He don't talk much, but he's the heart and soul of a very funny movie, stealing scenes left and right, and leaving you smiling with glee following a final scene where a baby version of Groot is getting his groove on inside a flower pot.

Naturally fans immediately wanted their own dancing baby Groot, and while we wait for Marvel and Disney to make one readily available in stores, one dude has provided instructions on how you can make one at home. Check out video of his creation below.


Essentially, he took this...


...and turned it into this.


How did he do it? Hit up this Facebook page for more images and detailed instructions.

And now you can watch the scene in its entirety thanks to Yahoo while dancing along with baby Groot!




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