Watch: Dan Aykroyd Channels His Blues Brother for Late-Night TV

Watch: Dan Aykroyd Channels His Blues Brother for Late-Night TV

Jul 31, 2013

The magic of The Blues Brothers will never be matched. That's just a fact. It's the best movie to ever be spawned by a Saturday Night Live bit (sorry, MacGruber, you're second place) and the best role Dan Aykroyd has ever had (sorry, Ghostbusters, you're second, too). The unfortunate death of cocreator John Belushi meant that the act could never be the same again, though the Brothers have been periodically resurrected over the years to varying degrees of success.

Even though nothing will ever compare to the glory days, it is nice to see Aykroyd keeping the spirit of the Blues Brothers alive. He was recently a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and before he took a seat onstage, he gave a pretty fantastic (unofficial) performance as Elwood Blues with the show's house band, the Roots.

In case you've forgotten how cool Dan Aykroyd can be when he's not drumming up rumors about Ghostbusters 3, check out the video proof below [via The Wrap].



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