Dan Aykroyd Wants to Quit Movies, Doesn't Want to Audition or Plea for Roles

Dan Aykroyd Wants to Quit Movies, Doesn't Want to Audition or Plea for Roles

Feb 28, 2012

We imagine that Dan Aykroyd — like the rest of us — is waiting to see what the rumor mill brings for the next nibble of news regarding Ghostbusters III. Everything's on track last we heard, but with all the uncertain headlines surrounding our favorite old school supernatural sleuths anything seems possible. We also imagine the actor sitting on his porch with a shotgun and a bottle of his own Crystal Head Vodka, staring at the sky searching for UFOs, but that's another article entirely.

Music Rooms is reporting that Aykroyd's movie days are over — and this is according to the former Saturday Night Live star himself. He recently spoke to Seven magazine and explained what gives. "I don't need fame any more ... I'm happy my day is done. It's over ... I don't want to work any more really in film," he told the publication. "I'd have to be called up by triple-A superstars. I get offers all the time from filmmakers, but they are unknown quantities. I don't go there and do experiments." Clearly Aykroyd isn't going to be supporting indie filmmakers anytime soon by making an appearance in their pet projects.

"I've read some terrific scripts, but opportunities that have quality present themselves less and less," he continued. "Everyone who wants to work goes on auditions and makes impassioned pleas ... But it doesn't interest me to pursue like that any more," the actor confessed. So basically he's too old for this sh*t, and while you're at it, get off of his lawn. 

Stars threaten to quit all the time and never follow up on their promises, however  Aykroyd's filmography has been getting smaller and smaller in recent years — so it's entirely possible that the retirement rumor is true. Will you miss the conehead, or will you be happy to drink his booze and ponder the alien apocalypse?

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