Daisy Ridley to Star in YA Movie 'Chaos Walking' For 'Edge of Tomorrow' Director

Daisy Ridley to Star in YA Movie 'Chaos Walking' For 'Edge of Tomorrow' Director

Aug 05, 2016

It's been nearly eight months since Daisy Ridley won our hearts and broke out as an immediate star thanks to a little movie called The Force Awakens. But we've still got another year and a half until we can see her in another Star Wars installment. And then she'll do Episode IX and who knows if any more beyond that. Where else will we see or hear the young actress? Well, she's got the popular documentary The Eagle Huntress, which she executive produced and narrates, arriving in theaters next month. 

Other than that, Ridley has become attached to other projects that may not come about until after her time in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. There's the post-war period romance drama The Lost Wife, which still has no director. And another romance, the remake of the Israeli film Kolma, which will reunite her with J.J. Abrams, who is producing. Also, she's set to play Ophelia in an eponymous retelling of Hamlet from her point of view. She was also rumored for the Tomb Raider reboot, but that didn't happen for her. 

Variety reports that she does now have another franchise to turn to, however. She'll maintain her status as a genre movie icon with Chaos Walking, which will be the start of a series based on a YA book trilogy. It's not clear what role she'll have in the movie and its sequels, though. The main characters in this sci-fi/fantasy tale, which begins with Chaos Walking: The Knife of Never Letting Go, are a boy and a girl, both of them only around 13 years old. Unless the girl is aged up, that won't be her part. 

It's possible instead she'll take on the role of Mistress Coyle, leader of a resistance army against an evil Mayor who declares himself President of the World. While Chaos Walking may sound like the same old dystopian YA story, what distinguishes it is the premise that it's set in a world where every living creature can hear everyone and everything else's thoughts, unfiltered (that just sounds like everyone's tapped into Twitter 24/7). But it does sound like just more good rebels vs. evil government. Not unlike Star Wars.

Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) is set to direct Chaos Walking, from an adaptation by Jamie Linden (Money Monster). Charlie Kaufman also worked on a draft in the past.




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