Cutting-Edge Sequel Saw VI Gets Bundled with Original Saw Movie

Cutting-Edge Sequel Saw VI Gets Bundled with Original Saw Movie

Dec 09, 2009

The gruesomely violent Saw not only sparked its own franchise after causing a stir back in 2004, it spearheaded what is disparagingly called the torture-porn genre that includes movies like Hostel and Captivity. Every October since 2004 a new Saw movie featuring victims desperately trying to free themselves from deadly traps set up by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) has cashed in at theaters, even as torture-porn films began to fall out of favor with horror hounds. This year’s Saw VI was the lowest-grossing film in the series but is actually the most relevant and socially conscious entry since the original. This latest installment of the grisly soap opera has a method to its madness—it targets and tortures corrupt health-care providers who are denying help to the people who need it most. By all means…saw away.

Lionsgate is releasing Saw VI in an unrated director’s cut on DVD and Blu-ray on January 26. As a curious added bonus, the original Saw movie comes bundled with it, giving buyers the two best films in the series for one price. What is not clear, especially for the BD version, is if Lionsgate is repackaging the inferior early BD of Saw already on shelves or if we are getting a cleaned-up, unrated version with lossless sound. In any event, both the BD and DVD will have a slew of bloody extras, including several audio commentaries, four music videos, three behind-the-scenes featurettes, as well as BD-Live connectivity for the Blu-ray version. After all these years, Jigsaw still “wants to play a game”…at least Saw VI is a thrilling one with a clear objective.

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