Fan Made: These Custom-Built Electromagnetic 'Spider-Man' Web Shooters Are Awesome

Fan Made: These Custom-Built Electromagnetic 'Spider-Man' Web Shooters Are Awesome

Apr 18, 2014

Spider Man web shooters

Spider-Man may be an amazing acrobat and have the proportional strength of a spider, but his homemade web slingers were always the coolest thing about the character. As a kid, we would've loved to have some nifty wrist wraps that shot projectiles, even if they weren’t actually webs. Well, now technology has brought us one step closer to the real thing.

This enterprising YouTube user has created his very own custom web shooter that uses electromagnets to fire projectiles with a surprising amount of velocity. While it works more like a wrist-mounted harpoon gun with a laser sighting system in its present state (watch him nail a bucket on the other side of the room), it’s clearly the first step on the path to all of us having our very own web slingers.

The creator won’t tell you how he made them, but if you really want a pair, you can contact him for a custom-built set of your very own. You won’t be swinging between the skyscrapers of New York with these things, but you can definitely plunk your coworkers in the head from across the room when they annoy you. That’s good enough for us. 





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