Cuaron, Gondry Headline Sara Driver's Animated Antho 'Tales from the Hanging Head'

Cuaron, Gondry Headline Sara Driver's Animated Antho 'Tales from the Hanging Head'

Mar 30, 2012

Indie filmmaker Sara Driver recently did an interview with The Huffington Post wherein she revealed some very interesting details about her next project.

If you’re not familiar with Driver, it’s okay – she was an indie filmmaker in the ‘80s and ‘90s who worked alongside directors like Jim Jarmusch before sort of disappearing from the scene. Her work has been “rediscovered” thanks to a retrospective at the Anthology Film Archives in New York and a recently released boxset of her projects. Seeing this as a good time to return to the scene, she’s also announcing a new project.

Driver has revealed that she’s working on animated anthology feature entitled Tales from the Hanging Head – and the best part is that she’s assembled an impressive group of filmmakers to contribute to the film.

The title, which is based around modernized takes on Serbian folk tales, will feature work from directors Alfonso Cuaron, Michel Gondry, Marjane Satrapi, and Emir Kusturica. We’re really excited to see what filmmakers like Cuaron and Gondry can do in this venue.

Driver, meanwhile, elaborated a bit on the project.

“They’re from different countries, and the stories are from different countries, and Marjane is going to tie it all together with her incredible animation… The directors have to do every effect in camera or by light and shadow or in very tangible ways so that it brings magic to children. I also made all the fairy tales—I adapted them and brought them up to the present, so it’s also about bringing magic into the present day, for children and adults.”

No word on when we might see Tales from the Hanging Head, but we’ll keep you posted as the project evolves. 

[via Collider]

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