Critics' Corner: Comic-Con 2010 Preview!

Critics' Corner: Comic-Con 2010 Preview!

Jul 20, 2010

Jen and Dave still love the San Diego Comic-Con, in spite of the Hollywood takeover…

Dave: HALL H, Y’ALL!

Jen: I’m going to be living there for several days. Eating convention food. Hunting for wifi. Doing the bob-and-weave through crowds of sweaty men wearing comic book t-shirts.

Dave: You couldn’t get a hotel?

Jen: You know what I mean.

Dave: Yes, I know. I know all too well. I once sat in Hall H through several angry-fan-driven Star Wars panels just so I could see the Snakes on a Plane preview.

Jen: Was it worth it?

Dave: Heck yeah. There were real snakes there. Also Kenan Thompson and Sam Jackson saying his signature line, the one they’ve rearranged on network television airings to sound like, “I want these monkeyfightin’ snakes off this Monday-to-Friday plane!”

Jen: I'll be there covering panels and celeb-y happenings -- Brangelina! -- taking pics of nerdos, stuff like that.

Dave: I tend to avoid the big panels anymore. I hate the shove-y crowds. And I figure it’s all going to wind up online as soon as it happens anyway.

Jen: It is. Yay, internetz!

Dave: I feel happier going to the tiny room panels about weird stuff. Once I went to this one for a woman named Lily Renee Phillips, one of the pioneering female comic book artists. She was there, too, and very old but still full of great stories.

Jen: When was your first Comic-Con?

Dave: 2001, not long after I moved to Los Angeles.

Jen: Why did you go?

Dave: Curiosity. I wanted to see what happened. I’m sure by that point the old-school people were already saying that it had been killed by Hollywood. They had no idea what was coming.

Jen: Pure nerdiness motivated you, then. I like that. And I agree, it’s become insane. A mad frenzy. A mad, wonderful, nerd-tastic frenzy that I love even though I hardly sleep and eat the whole time and have to struggle through crowds of sweaty people everywhere.

Dave: I have mass and momentum so I can shove my way through a crowd easily.

Jen: I was able to do that the year I went dressed in a giant tomato suit.

Dave: Was that some veggie fetish thing?

Jen: Nope. But it was rather fun. More importantly, it allowed me to push people out of the way, too. Either that, or they just moved out of my way out of pity for the girl wearing a giant tomato suit at Comic-Con.

Dave: Now that I have shared my Snakes on a Plane moment, what is your favorite memory of being marketed to?

Jen: When they first showed the Iron Man trailer. It BLEW OUR MINDS. And I love that in the past few years, the male geek masses have been up in arms over those new, oppressive, interlopers: Twilight fans. But this year there's no Twilight panel, so those geeks can rest easy.

Dave: I’m most interested in Paul this year. Not the guy named Paul. Although I know a couple Pauls. The movie Paul, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It actually begins at Comic-Con, so it’s tailor-made for this audience. It comes out in 2011, but they’re hyping it this year so you can bookmark it in your brain.

Jen: The Megamind panel might have BRADFREAKINGPITT show up as a surprise guest!

Dave: That would be as A-list as it gets, true.

Jen: And maybe he and Angelina will bring their coven along to share in the festivities. The family that geeks out together, stays together. Ooh, also? Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren will be in attendance for Red.

Dave: Helen Mirren is a badass. I love the idea of her at Comic-Con, wondering aloud, “Where are all the people who are good looking, such as myself?”

Jen: And Nicolas Cage has a movie called Drive Angry 3D, which I already can't wait to see based on its title alone

Dave: I agree. Who’s better than Nicolas Cage at this crap? NO ONE. I love that dude.

Jen: He’s going to be angry, he’s going to be driving a car angry and he’s going to be driving that car angry in three dimensions.


Jen: I HOPE SO! Then there are all the Green movies. Lantern, Hornet, etcetera…

Dave: Yes, yes. Pixels. I heard all about it already.

Jen: Don’t you wish Michel Gondry would just make Green Hornet out of fibers and glue and yarn and cardboard?

Dave: I think all movies should be that way.

Jen: Is Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch on your radar yet? It’s been kept mostly under wraps but already sounds awesome. Lots of women kicking ass. Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens

Dave: I like movies about punching. And I like Jena Malone. Does she punch Vanessa Hudgens?

Jen: We can only hope. Side note: I thank Zack Snyder silently in my head every time I see male cos-players at Comic-Con dressed as Spartans.

Dave: Yeah well I’ve seen some of those dudes and more than a few of them could stand to cos-play as Freddy Kreuger instead.

Jen: I think the Marvel panel is going to be nuts, too.

Dave: Is it the nerd collective dream to see the entire cast of Avengers take the stage, like in a big reveal?

Jen: That’s what I hear.

Dave: That ain’t gonna happen.

Jen: What do you know? DO YOU HAVE SOME INSIDE SCOOP??

Dave: Nothing, I just like to throw sadness around.

Jen: Okay, last question. What is the one costume you would wear to Comic-Con if you were going to do that.

Dave: I’d sooner watch Old Dogs again in a constant loop with my eyelids pinned open, all Clockwork Orange-style.

Jen: But if a phaser set on kill were held to your head…

Dave: Bikini Slave Leia, like that one dude did on American Idol.

Jen: I would pay full Comic-Con entry pass price to see that.

Dave: It would be great. Fat men like me can wear any costume and make it look awesome because being fat makes us automatically hilarious. What about you?

Jen: I’m a short Asian woman, which means some geeks already think I’m cos-playing. People, I'm not dressed up as that one Japanese school girl from your favorite anime. And I don't want your free hugs, but thank you for offering. This year’s Comic-Con takes place July 21-25. Stay tuned for more coverage on

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