Crisis Averted! Miley Cyrus Nude Pics Are Fake ... We Think

Crisis Averted! Miley Cyrus Nude Pics Are Fake ... We Think

Dec 02, 2010

Just when the entire entertainment world was about to simultaneously point at Miley Cyrus and cry "Ha, Ha" in their best Nelson-from-The-Simpsons voice, reports indicate that the nude photos of Miley Cyrus that circulated earlier today are not real. But let's backtrack: This afternoon a blurred-out image of a girl wearing only a half-opened button-down plaid shirt hit the net, and people immediately suspected it was Miley Cyrus after connecting a number of dots that included the same button-down Miley's worn in other images, as well as the same phone and bracelet.

For several freaktastic minutes, the world thought that naked images of Miley Cyrus -- as uninteresting as they may be -- had finally arrived online. And as much as we'd like to think that Miley would be stupid enough to snap naked photos of herself with her cell phone and actually send it on to someone else, sadly that doesn't seem to be the case here since the photos appear to be of another girl. But it's not like someone stumbled across these other images and immediately thought they were of Miley Cyrus. Oh no, in fact, this girl actually dresses up like Miley Cyrus -- tells people she's a look-alike, takes naked pics of herself (as Miley), and then spreads them around telling people they're of Miley.

And you thought your sister had all the weird friends.

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