A Creepy Feeling

A Creepy Feeling

Jul 29, 2009

Night of the Creeps

It’s difficult for Blu-ray Bob to wrap his shiny head around the notion that there are still any movies left unreleased on DVD in 2009, but Sony apparently found one. The studio will release the 1986 horror-comedy Night of the Creeps: Director’s Cut on DVD and Blu-ray for the first time on October 20. The campy cult classic is about a small college town being ravaged by—what else?—killer slugs from outer space that animate corpses. Both the DVD and BD are loaded with bonus features, including an alternate ending and six behind-the-scenes featurettes. Our favorites include “Birth of the Creeps” (writer-director Fred Dekker discusses his influences and how Night of the Creeps became his debut film), “Cast of the Creeps” (stars Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall and Jill Whitlow reminisce about their experience) and “Tom Atkins: Man of Action” (a detailed look at the career of horror go-to guy Atkins with testimonials from filmmakers who have worked with laid-back actor). Sony is also reportedly partnering with Amazon.com to let fans vote for the final box art, which is creepy cool.

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