Creepy Brain Imaging Clips Reveal What We Really See When We Watch Movie Trailers

Creepy Brain Imaging Clips Reveal What We Really See When We Watch Movie Trailers

Sep 23, 2011


In what sounds like a real-life version of Inception (is that an oxymoron?) or something out of a Cronenberg nightmare, comes news from researchers at University of California, Berkeley about new technology that allows scientists to unlock the door to our internal visual dialogue. 
By using a functional MRI machine that records patterns in a person's brain while — in this case — they watch a movie, scientists are able to reconstruct the film clips the way our mind sees them. The result looks like some kind of slightly psychotic Impressionist painting. Movies today, dreams and memories tomorrow, researchers are saying — which means eventually you'll be able to just look on a screen to see the images that ran through your mind while you slept. Don't toss your dream symbolism book out yet though, because this kind of technology will take decades to improve upon. Will computers one day be able to insert images or films directly into our brain? "Not in the foreseeable future. There is no known technology that could remotely send signals to the brain in a way that would be organized enough to elicit a meaningful visual image or thought." Looks like you'll just have to grin and bear it through the constant Netflix changes.
In the video below, watch how movies are encoded in our mind. There's a comprehensive explanation of the whole process over here


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