'Crawl to Me' Poster Premiere, Plus Five Things You Should Know About the Horror Movie

'Crawl to Me' Poster Premiere, Plus Five Things You Should Know About the Horror Movie

Aug 13, 2013

Superhero and sci-fi fare weren't the only movie projects to make headlines at this year's Comic-Con. The world of horror was well represented, too.

One of the notable film projects to make its presence known in San Diego is a big-screen adaptation of Crawl to Me, the terrifying graphic novel from Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert, who's been earning no small amount of praise for his work as both a writer and artist in the comics world. The story, which chronicles a couple's descent into madness after moving into a new house with a mysterious past, was first published in 2011.

During Comic-Con, it was announced that Spanish director Victor Garcia (Mirrors 2) and the producer team Rodar y Rodar (The Orphanage) were now attached to the film.

Movies.com is pleased to give you an exclusive look at the very first teaser poster for Crawl to Me, which offers a disturbing hint of things to come when Robert's critically praised comic makes the leap from page to screen. We also have a brief interview with Robert that provides a bit more info about the poster, the story and the upcoming movie.

Movies.com: For those who aren't familiar with the story, what's the basic premise of Crawl to Me?

Alan Robert: Crawl to Me is a psychological thriller based on my graphic novel, published by IDW Publishing in 2011. It centers on Ryan, a man who moves his family into an isolated winter home to start a new life. The family begins to experience bizarre and deeply disturbing supernatural events that strain their relationship and crack away at their mental state. Fans of the book should know that we're staying true to the ending, which packs a profound, gut-wrenching reveal. It is something you definitely won't see coming.

Movies.com: The poster features an image of a clown who may or may not be scary (though some would argue that all clowns are scary, regardless of intent). Should sufferers of coulrophobia be worried about this film?

Robert: Is it just me or did John Wayne Gacy taint the clown image forever? Hell, even Ronald McDonald creeps me out! Without the risk of spoiling anything, I think it's safe to say that the clown belt buckle in Crawl to Me serves as a haunting reminder for Ryan that things have gone horribly wrong. If you happen to have a fear of clowns, you might be checking into Coulrophobia Anonymous directly after seeing this film.

Movies.com: What makes Victor Garcia and Rodar y Rodar the right team for this film?

Robert: Rodar y Rodar's films have a certain depth and tone that we were definitely after when bringing Crawl to Me to the big screen. The Orphanage is a great example of a scary thriller that is layered with emotion and very memorable characters – traits that Crawl to Me shares. Getting the tone right was super important to us because the content is so delicate, and director Victor Garcia really gets it. His upcoming film Gallows Hill (produced by Peter Block) looks great. I'm also a big fan of his short El Ciclo – because he is such a visual filmmaker. Victor has proven that he can tell powerful stories through a visual language, even without using dialogue. I'm extremely confident that with the screenplay we have (written by T.J. Cimfel and David White) that Victor will terrify audiences while staying very true to the graphic novel.

Movies.com: Rodar's Joaquin Padro and Mar Targarona have some experience with films that build suspense without giving too much away, so what can you tell us about the tagline for the film: "Protect the Ones You Love"?

Robert: Yes, Joaquin and Mar really understand this genre and have made several top-notch films that I happen to be a big fan of. I'm very proud to be working with them and look forward to building a great partnership. For fans of the Crawl to Me comic, who already know the ending, I think the tagline will resonate with them on a much deeper level. But for newcomers, I think it's clear that there is a menacing threat imposing itself on Ryan and his family, and he will need to overcome certain obstacles in order to keep them safe. Is that vague enough? [Laughs]

Movies.com: The film was announced at Comic-Con, so where are you at in the process now? What sort of timeline are you hoping to follow with production?

Robert: I just got back to New York from our meeting in L.A. with producers Rodar y Rodar. We had some long discussions about casting and locations. It feels great to all be on the same page and moving forward together on this. I'm learning so much from them already. We've got an amazing team in place and I'm really excited to see it unfold. I think the next step is attaching talent to the film. We will definitely let you know as soon as we confirm our cast. I have someone specific in mind who would make a great Ryan. Only time will tell...

You can find out more about Crawl to Me at the film's official website: http://www.crawltomemovie.com/

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