Cancel All Movies -- The 'Cowboys vs Dinosaurs' Trailer Is Here

Cancel All Movies -- The 'Cowboys vs Dinosaurs' Trailer Is Here

Apr 28, 2015

All you other movie trailers may as well pack up your saddles and head back to the ranch cause this new trailer for Cowboys vs Dinosaurs may have just won the day.

Yes, Cowboys vs Dinosaurs is a movie that exists, and it'll actually be available to watch via Digital HD and On Demand beginning May 19, for those itching to get their dinosaur game on before Jurassic World conquers the box office this June 12. 

As witnessed in the trailer, Eric Roberts stars in this direct-to-awesome adventure flick about a group of cowboys who must battle a bunch of angry dinosaurs.

Why? Because they can. And they will.

Here's the official plot description:

"After a mining explosion in Livingston, Montana, formerly believed extinct breeds of dinosaurs suddenly emerge from the rubble. Now, a disgraced cowboy, who recently returned home to make amends for his past wrongdoings towards his ex-girlfriend, must team up with her new boyfriend, the sheriff, to defend their town against the rampaging beasts. With the help of a few local gunslingers, the posse must band together in order to survive the deadly attack and take back their town."

Can a group of local gunslingers take out some dinosaurs? Heck, they managed to take out an alien race with advanced technology not long ago, so we're bettin' our gold medallions on them cowboys. What say you?

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