Of Course Magneto Officiated Professor X's Wedding

Of Course Magneto Officiated Professor X's Wedding

Sep 09, 2013

Patrick Stewart, we didn't think it was possible to love you any more than we already did. Then you went and got hitched to your lady friend and tweeted an adorable photo of the two of you submerged in a goofy ball pit. The distinguished actor married singer Sunny Ozell over the weekend, which is enough to give us warm fuzzies, but the topper on the occasion was having friend and costar Ian McKellen officiate the wedding. Dig that "Minister" tee, sir.

We're guessing Stewart did the "quadruple take" when he saw his bride on that beautiful day. If you're not sure what we're talking about, be sure to check out the below video in which Stewart instructs Ozell on the hilarity of the physical comedy gesture. 

Stewart and McKellen will reprise their X-Men roles as the older versions of  Charles Xavier/Professor X and Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (also played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, scheduled for a May 2014 release. The two friends also appear in limited Broadway productions of Harold Pinter’s No Man's Land and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

For now, we'll be stalking their Twitter pages for more fun photos and general badassery.





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