Watch: Could Godzilla Really Exist?

Watch: Could Godzilla Really Exist?

May 19, 2014

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Godzilla was not only the King of Monsters this weekend, he was also king of the box office. Gareth Edwards’ film raked in an impressive $196 million globally, paving the way for sequel talks. As Godzilla mania sweeps the globe, some have wondered if it's possible for a giant prehistoric lizard to hide away in the vastness of the ocean--which, as we’ve learned during the course of the hunt for that missing Malaysian airplane, is almost entirely uncharted and huge.

YouTube user Vsauce 3 tackles this question in an entertaining video called “Could Godzilla Exist?”


The short (and obvious) answer is no. At least not as described in the film. Godzilla in the movie weighs 90,000 tons and stands 355 feet tall, which would make him hands down the largest thing to ever walk the face of this planet – by a long shot. Blue whales weigh 209 tons, so you do the math.

Yet, as the video points out, Godzilla is so massive that he’s not physiologically possible. He’d need an insane amount of calories on a daily basis just to continue existing (unless his mutated biology has figured out a way to use that atomic breath as an energy source too). Even more importantly, his size would be too much for his bones to support once he left the ocean… meaning the giant monster would waddle onto shore, and without the added buoyancy of seawater to support him, crash to the ground on all of his broken bones. Seems like an ignoble ending for a monster designated a king…

So, if you were at all worried that a 355-foot tall monstrous radioactive lizard might come wandering out of the ocean to end life as we know it, you can rest easy. This video will give you the lowdown on why even a Godzilla who was 1/8 the size of the one in the film isn’t lurking out there in the sea. This is good news, because now it means we can all get back to worrying about the melting ice in Antarctica that’s set to make your farm in Ohio beachfront property sometime in the next century or two. Oh, and Cthulhu could totally be out there still. There's always that. 



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