Could the 'Green Arrow' Be Coming to a Television Near You?

Could the 'Green Arrow' Be Coming to a Television Near You?

Jan 13, 2012

Green Arrow Comic CharacterStock your quiver and tighten your bowstring, because the CW is looking to launch a Green Arrow television series.

EW broke the news that the network, who was home to the Superman series Smallville, is interested in bringing the story of Star City’s billionaire archery expert Oliver Queen to the small screen. Could this really work?

Interestingly enough, Green Arrow was a supporting character on Smallville – where he was portrayed by Justin Hartley. While it remains unclear as to whether or not this potential new series will tie into the hit show in any way, we do know that Hartley will not be back to play the title character.

The news of a television series comes after a long period of silence surrounding progress on a Green Arrow film. David Goyer and Justin Marks announced they’d written a script for a film entitled Super Max back in 2008. The title was set to skip the Green Arrow origin story and instead place the character inside a Super Max prison where he’d have to exonerate himself while dealing with supervillains and rogue heroes. Plans were for Lex Luthor, The Riddler, and The Joker to make appearances – which sounded pretty awesome.

While Super Max still languishes in limbo (it may be even harder to get off the ground now that Sly Stallone is moving forward with The Tomb – another film about an innocent man in a state of the art prison, minus the supervillains), fans of the Emerald Archer can at least take solace in the fact that their favorite character could be on the fall television schedule. Let’s just hope this pilot turns out better than Wonder Woman

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