Could 'Frozen''s Success Lead to a Pixar Musical?

Could 'Frozen''s Success Lead to a Pixar Musical?

Jun 23, 2014

Less than a year after it became this cultural phenomenon, we're still not sure what effect Frozen will have on Disney's future movie landscape. What we do know is that it was a dynamo, and that months after release--and even weeks after the DVD and Blu-ray arrived--Frozen toys are still sold out, and your kids are still listening to the music on a loop. It's kind of insane.

We also know that Walt Disney Animation (the folks behind Frozen) aren't giving us another musical this year. Instead it will be the superhero-themed Big Hero 6, followed by Zootopia and Giants in 2016, and then Moana in 2018. While we're not sure how much "song" will be in the latter three, we're guessing the female-led Moana will be more musical friendly than the others. That's not counting two additional unknown movies they're working on, one of which is probably a Frozen sequel. Heck, it better be a Frozen sequel!

So while we potentially wait another four years for the next Frozen, could Disney's other animation powerhouse flirt with a musical of its own? 

Yup, we're talking about Pixar, which took 2014 off in order to fine-tune what sounds like its best movie yet: Inside Out, due in theaters next June. What's interesting about Inside Out is that the short that will play beforehand is the just-announced Lava, which is being billed as a "musical love story" about a lonely volcano searching for love through song.

While Pixar has enjoyed a host of memorable musical moments over the years, not many of them have featured characters actually singing. There's Randy Newman's popular tracks (ie: "You've Got a Friend in Me"), but Pixar's never had a "Let It Go" moment in a movie before.

Could Lava change that? Or maybe Frozen already has? 

The reality is that it could take years before we see whether or not Frozen's popularity rubs off on Pixar, inspiring the folks there to try out their own full-on movie musical. Fact is these films are in the works for years, and their upcoming slate is full of projects that were being created well before Frozen hit theaters. 

But not the shorts. If we see Pixar test its musical boundaries, it's going to be with those shorts, like Lava

Would you want to see Pixar pull a Frozen and debut its own movie musical? Or do you think it would be better leaving that game to its friends over at Walt Disney Animation?




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