New YouTube Channel Lets You Get Schooled in Film by Roger Corman on the Cheap

New YouTube Channel Lets You Get Schooled in Film by Roger Corman on the Cheap

Jun 13, 2013

Roger Corman is a living legend. The "King of the B's" has an extensive film library that he'd like to share with the world via YouTube's new subscription service. For a measly four bucks a month, you essentially get your own personal film school.

Corman had an eye for great stories, marketability and fresh talent — having given numerous filmmakers and stars their first big break, including Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, James Cameron, Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese. The successful independent genre director wrote a fantastic book about his career, How I Made a Hundred Movies In Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime, and his new YouTube project would make an excellent supplement to the text.

Corman's Drive-in offers audiences unlimited access to 30 films at a time, as well as exclusive interviews, new and original content, and sneak previews of upcoming projects. The channel launches today, and we've included a message from the master himself as well as a trailer. There are several freebies available to view right now, like his classic monster movie Forbidden World and his 1985 fantasy cult classic Barbarian Queen, starring Lana Clarkson. Go park your butt at Corman's Drive-in. You have a lot of movies to catch up on.

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