Cool Concept Image of The Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Cool Concept Image of The Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Nov 30, 2011

Funnily enough, even though we're still a ways off from the 2012 summer blockbuster season, there's not a whole lot that hasn't been seen yet. We've already obsessed over teasers, images, trailers, set photos and set videos for a good deal of this summer's most anticipated movies, leaving only a few bits and pieces left to reveal. One of those is the villain The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, played by Rhys Ifans.

Yesterday brought us an image of what will apparently be a Lizard Pez dispenser, and now today has dropped what they claim is a concept image of the reptilian villain. Coming Soon points out that this image definitely resembles the version of The Lizard revealed during the film's Comic-Con presentation, only that one was "more massive." So as you obsess over this image, note that it's likely not the exact final version, but one that's sort of close to what we'll be seeing on screen.

Now the studio needs to reveal an image of this thing before the floodgates open and we start posting freakin' Lizard underwear images. C'mon folks, let this Lizard out of the bag!

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