The Conversation: Who Will Be Getting an Electric-Powered DeLorean?

The Conversation: Who Will Be Getting an Electric-Powered DeLorean?

Oct 18, 2011

If you're one of the Back to the Future fans hoping to score the film-employed DeLorean being auctioned off this December, you have another option for your fandom if you don't win that piece of memorabilia. And while it's not a car used in the trilogy, it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The DeLorean Motor Company (version 2.0) has unveiled a prototype for a fully electric-powered version of the classic DMC-12 (called the DMCEV), complete with gullwing doors, a 260hp battery system called Flux Power, a navigation system and an iPod doc so you can easily play the three BTTF soundtracks on a continuous loop.   

Now, it doesn't have time travel capabilities, but after the recent disappointments over Nike's non-power-lacing shoes and the hoverboard that doesn't hover it's really not surprising. We probably won't be wearing double neckties to work in four years either. Also, Flea won't be your boss. Let's get over it, fans. More details can be found via Kevin McCauley of Jalopnik, who was lucky enough to test drive one of the cars, which are due on the market with a $90,000 tag in 2013. I'm sure I could scrounge up that amount, but I'm going to hold out for the banana peel-powered model (yes, I know that was just for time travel; I'm waiting for time travel). Is anyone out there making car-buying plans for the future?

What are others saying about the new electric DeLorean? Here's The Conversation happening on the blogs and Twitter today:


Sure, it's bit low on jiggawatts right now, but the companies have two years to get that sorted out. Though I guess they never did, or else they'd have come back to let us know. - Mike Spinelli, Jalopnik

Not sure what it is about 2011 specifically, but we’re suddenly flying towards making the Back To The Future films a complete reality. We’ve GOT to be closing in on real-life time travel. Or at least dehydrated pizzas. On the plus side, if we need plutonium, Libya is nice and stable now, right? Ahhhhh crap… - Dan Hopper, Best Week Ever

Next up, we'd like a Hydrator machine that makes big pizzas out of tiny dried pizzas. - Luke Westaway, CNET

Now we’re just hoping for a press release announcing the production run of Marty McFly’s hoverboard. - John Kim, Freshness

First the kicks, now the whip—Back To The Future nostalgia is at fever pitch. So don’t be surprised if Hollywood bastardizes the series with a Taylor Lautner remake. Let’s pray they stop at bringing back the Universal Studios ride. - Devin Chanda, Complex

We were too busy playing with action figures as a kid to learn anything about mechanics or other practical skills, but suffice to say, it probably won't have enough juice to get you to 1955. - Aubrey Sitterson, IFC News

It even has navigation and and iPod connectivity, two things Doc Brown couldn't even dream of back in the day. Then again, it can’t fly. At least not yet. - Fox News

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Why are all these things that make basement dwelling losers drool so out of their reach? The 1% just loves to troll. I wonder how long the battery life would last because these cars were Stainless steel and heavy as fuck. I give it a trip to the local Game Stop, where your nerd-cred will warrant the use of their outlets to recharge for your trip home, giving you enough time to make other, poorer, nerds very jealous. Plus you get an iPhone holster! (They know you so well.) - Carlo Montagnino, Dog and Pony Show

I know I won’t be able to time travel but certainly having the look of a hip time traveler that would be awesome. Also if you look at the concept photo of the inside of the car, that navigation system would be awesome [if] it had a fake “time coordinates” function. I also love the iPhone, iPod dock. - Kevin Coll, Fused Film

When you do finally fashion it into a time machine, it won’t emit harmful tailpipe pollutants as you travel into the future to score an almanac containing the outcomes of 50 years worth of sporting events and return to present day to use the almanac for financial gain, Biff-style. - Julie Miller, Movieline

Recently we saw fans and celebrities alike spending thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars on shoes that looked like they were from Back to the Future. It’s pretty obvious those people would spend even more to have an environmentally safe, fully functioning, modern DeLorean that still looked like it did in the classic 1985 Robert Zemeckis film. Seems to me like this is an incredibly smart business move by both companies. - Germain Lussier, /Film

@DiscoverMag: There will apparently be an all-electric DeLorean in 2013. In answer to your Qs: yes, gull wings; no flux capacitor

@visitordesign: @DiscoverMag do they still come loaded with cocaine?

@thinkgeek: Gullwing DeLoreans will be back in 2013: $90k & it'll be electric--but not 1.21 gigawatts nuclear, sorry.

@DalekThay: @thinkgeek The FLUX CAPACITOR was a CRUDE DESIGN anyway.

@SirCanuckles: @thinkgeek does it come with a mr fusion?

@Planetniles: @thinkgeek yes but will they fly?

@Clayfoot: @thinkgeek So, will you be stocking the 1.21 GW upgrade kit?

@thinkgeek: @Clayfoot If we can get it from the Libyans.


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