The Conversation: Who Should Play Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin-Scripted Biopic?

The Conversation: Who Should Play Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin-Scripted Biopic?

May 16, 2012

If you didn't like the idea or the look of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in a biopic about the late Apple CEO, you're in luck. Late yesterday, almost as if in response to Monday's photos of Kutcher, Sony sent out news that its own competing Jobs movie will be scripted by none other than Aaron Sorkin. With him on board, adapting the best-selling biography by Walter Isaacson and collaborating again with his Social Network and Moneyball producer Scott Rudin, this is now sure to be the biopic to wait for. 

But maybe we should wait to see who they get for their incarnation of Jobs. It could be Adam Sandler or Taylor Lautner or, just for timing's sake, Toby Jones. Okay, so Rudin's not usually known for bad casting, at least not since Marci X a decade ago. Anyway, he's a strong enough producer that he could probably make any of those or some other terrible choices work. He just needs the right director, and he knows a lot of those.

I looked out into the web to see who people are suggesting for the role, and I've included some of those talked about earlier. In addition to those names I've sampled below, I've also literally seen all these guys cited as potential candidates: Christian Bale, Andy Samberg, Bob Saget, James Cromwell, Adrian Brody, Ty Burrell, Penn Badgely, Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, James McAvoy, Luke Wilson, James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, Jason Bateman, William Hurt, Demitri Martin, Jason Schwartzman, Alexander Sarsgard, Chris Pine, Jude Law, Sam Rockwell, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Eric Bana, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Stipe and Noah Wyle, who already played Jobs in the 1999 TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

After checking out the following suggestions, let us know your own choice for the computer pioneer. And meanwhile, if you want the real deal, you can also just go see the documentary Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, now in theaters. 


Who are people suggesting to play Steve Jobs? Here's The Conversation heard around the Internet:

Noah Wile's [sic] the only one who can play Jobs. Make it happen internet. - Aaron Burns, @AaronBurns

Is Noah Wyle available? If not, someone needs to get David Straitharn on the line. - Nick Newman, The Film Stage

If I had my way, Daniel Day-Lewis would be cast in this role already. - Kristy Korcz, Geek Sugar

Keanu Reeves would make a swell Steve, although at 47, he’s probably too, um, mature for the role. - Harry McCracken, Time

If Andrew Garfield played Steve, it would be the ultimate revenge for getting screwed in "The Social Network," right? - VH1

Michael Cera as a young Steve Jobs. We think the Superbad actor is perfect for the role of a young Steve Jobs. Not only is Cera the spitting image of Jobs circa 1977, but he's also already mastered the whole nerdy whiz kid thing. Playing the notoriously volatile Jobs could be Cera's Jesse Eisenberg moment -- a chance to prove himself as a serious actor capable of more than just the awkward one-liners he's become famous for. - Dani Gorin, MSNBC

Ralph Fiennes: In terms of looks, Ralph Fiennes looks almost exactly like Jobs. This English born actor may not be a household name yet, but he has appeared in dozens of amazing films like The Reader, The Hurt Locker, The English Patient, The Constant Gardner and Schindler's List. Oh wait, I know how you know Ralph Fiennes. He played Lord Voldemort in every Harry Potter film. Now imagine him without the weird Voldemort facial prosthetics and wouldn't he be a perfect Steve Jobs? He's refined, intelligent and talented; he's our first choice to play Jobs. - Madison Vanderberg, Hollyscoop

Crispin Glover - Glover is another actor who may be better suited to playing the older Jobs than his younger self. But, hey ... he played George McFly as both a high-schooler and father of a teenager in 1985's "Back to the Future." He played old in that one, maybe he could pull off young as Jobs. - Doug Gross, CNN

Tom Cruise - Well, at least "charisma" is covered. And Cruise was a very, uh, intense public speaker in "Magnolia." - Tom Kaneshige, Computer World

John Malcovich - John Malcovich is a brilliant actor, a man with an uncanny ability to delve into the mind and soul of his characters, and effortlessly become his subjects. He'd be a perfect fit to play a man as incredibly complex as Steve Jobs. - Victor Gonzalez, Miami New Times

Stanley Tucci - Tucci is perhaps best known for playing opposite Meryl Streep twice but he’s an experienced actor with more than 80 films under his belt. Playing Steve Jobs could finally get him leading man status in Hollywood. Also Tucci rocks the bald-guy look. - International Business Times

I think Kevin Spacey would be perfect - Sizwe Jacques Mbebe, @therealmjaka

Can Bradley Whitford play Steve, please? - Ryan Vance, @ryanvance

I vote Ashton Kutcher for Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs, but *as* Aaron Sorkin. Adaptation style. - Matt Patches, @misterpatches


Twitter Poll: Who should play Steve Jobs in the Sorkin-scripted biopic?

Michael Sheen. Why not? He's on a role roll - World of Geek, @world4geeks

Jeremy Davies would make a great Steve Jobs. - W. Axel Foley, @WAxelFoley

Matthew Goode. I got it wrong the first time. Ray McKinnon. - Jesse A Carp, @jessecarp

Anthony Edwards - Jennifer Campbell, @jbdcampbell

Ashton Kutcher - George A. Hickman, @popmortem



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