The Conversation: What (Movie Related Thing) Would You Do With the Mega Millions Jackpot?

The Conversation: What (Movie Related Thing) Would You Do With the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Mar 30, 2012

Ready to be the next multi-millionaire with plans to get into the film biz? 

I'm not sure how the odds line up, but I bet it's just as likely you'll raise enough money for your dream movie project via Kickstarter than you'd get it through the Mega Millions, regardless of its production cost. But at more than $600 million, the national jackpot is looking very tasty to people of all kinds, including movie geeks who might use the money to finance a film, buy a famous location (or build one that doesn't really exist) or, to go another way, pay off some people so a certain horrible looking sequel or remake doesn't actually get made.

Selfishly, I'd probably use the money to finance a bunch of my own original ideas, fiction and nonfiction, though one movie I'd been dying to see that never came about is the adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan, scripted by Robert Weide (Mother Night; Woody Allen: A Documentary). I'd pay as much to that as it takes to be perfect. Damn my own works if need be. Then again, I really, really think a documentary remake of Brewster's Millions would be fun too. Maybe not good, but fun to make (and by the '85 version only cost about 10% of the $300 million I'd get after taxes).

I find it hard to pinpoint one major dream project I'd want to greenlight, but many people were very quick to answer today's poll. You can find that below, but first check out the Twittter exchanges that inspired today's Converation and some other unsolicited responses.


What are people saying they'd do with the Mega Millions jackpot? Here's The Conversation heard around the Internet:

If I win the Mega Millions, a TON of kick-ass movies are about to get greenlit. - Hammer to Nail, @hammertonail

If you'll take suggestions I've got a killer idea 'bout a cannibal abominable snowman film called SNOW MEAT. - Rumsey Taylor, @iamrumz

If I win the Mega Millions, SNOW MEAT just got greenlit. - Hammer to Nail, @hammertonail

If I win the Mega Millions, I will greenlight it twice so that you can make it with each of those choices and decide who's better. - Hammer to Nail, @hammertonail

Sam Elliott or Forest Whitaker are my first choices for the cannibal abominable snowman. - Rumsey Taylor, @iamrumz

If I win $640 million in the lottery expect a lot of money to be invested into hoverboard research and development. - Todd Coleman, @todd_coleman

If I win the Mega Millions, I'm using it to finance a film of The Piper's Son. You're all welcome. - whatchYAreading, @whatchYAreading

If I win the jackpot tonight, I will reenact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen. - Ian Smile, @endashes

If I win this Mega Millions thing, I am totally financing a M.A.S.K. movie. Any money left over after I make M.A.S.K., pay Scott Weinberg for his Go-Bots movie and buy the Redskins will be put toward stopping Twins 2. - Brian Truitt, @briantruitt

My pick: The Rundown 2: Beck is Back - James Rocchi, @jamesrocchi

I hope that whoever wins the $975 million lottery donates it to a worthy cause. Like the marketing budget for The Avengers. - Scott Weinberg, @scotteweinberg

Stuff I would do if I won Mega Millions: I would bring M.A.S.K. to the big screen starring Michael Fassbender. I would scrub Batman and Robin and bat nipples from cinema history. I would pay Brad Bird and Warner Bros to make a sequel to The Iron Giant (I would produce). I would pay millions to get a Monkey Island 2D animated film made. I would produce. I would buy the rights to ROM Spaceknight. Bring back Hi-C Ecto Cooler.I would pay to have Star Wars: The Starkiller Saga movie made starring Sam Witwer. I would produce. - Erik Kwun, @geektrooper

If I win the Mega Millions, I'm going to make the most expensive Star Wars fan film ever. I'll call it Episode I: The Clone Wars. - Ian Gonzales, @iangonzalez

I'm buying Hogwarts, and opening it up as a real school so that we can all study magic TOGETHER. - huixian, @dormiens_draco

I'm hiring Idris Elba to star as myself in a movie that I wrote called "How I Won The Mega Millions & Married Halle" - Nigel A. Fullerton, @NigelFullerton

If I win, I'm building a film studio. - Shadow And Act, @shadowandact

I'll make a free-to-use film studio for local filmmakers. - David @ ScifiCommons, @ScifiCommons

I'd adapt Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, my favorite novel of all time and one that in sections is incredibly cinematic. [...] Because this is my fantasy, of course I'd do it right. I'd hire the right actors-- not Natalie Portman as Rosa!-- and make sure Chabon helped with the adaptation but was also willing to make the right cuts (you can probably reduce the Antarctica story a whole lot). I'd hire the right director, no matter the cost, and spend lavishly to recreate the period New York setting. I'd definitely hire Armie Hammer to play Tracy Bacon, and I'd milk every second out of the Citizen Kane scene. I'd take a thorny, incredibly rich book and give it the long adaptation it deserves-- which takes the kind of money only a crazy lottery winner can provide. - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend



Conversation Twitter Poll: If you won the Mega Millions jackpot, what dream movie project would you finance?

A movie about baby foxes. - Sean Hunter, @instanthunter

I bet a lot of people will say this, but Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote project. - Josh Spiegel, @mousterpiece

A Cannonball Run with the Bandit in it - Garrett Martin, @grmartin

Hire Neil Gaiman to adapt Eyes of the Dragon. - Scott Weinberg, @scotteweinberg

P.T. Anderson + Robert Downey Jr. in Thomas Pynchon's INHERENT VICE. - Vadim Rizov, @vrizov

One of mine. :-) - Kim Voynar, @kimvoynar

My own; The Necroscope series. - Bernardo Villela, @BernardoVillela

My own. I'd also fund the remaining two movies in the Pontypool trilogy, as well as an adaptation of Thomas Disch's The Genocides. - Brad McHargue, @BradMcHargue

Easy - ours! - Not Another Happy Ending, @NAHappyEnding

I'd fund Party Boat for less than 100k, and use the rest for future projects! - PartyBoatFilm, @PartyBoatFilm

I'd back everything Megan Ellison thought was too risky or weird to finance. - Matt Patchs, @misterpatches

John Carpenter's The Stars My Destination - Brendan Foley, @TheTrueBrendanF

Remake Cloak & Dagger with Kyle Chandler as the dad. - Kip Mooney, @kipjmooney

With all that money, I'd raise Kubrick from the dead and let him make Napoleon - John Gilpatrick, @johnlgilpatrick

I would clone Stanley Kubrick and have him finish Napoleon - Craig Kennedy, @LivingInCinema

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy without studio interference bullshit - Jolene, @baitedbalcony

Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination - Hunter Tremayne, @huntertremayne

The Talisman - Eugene Novikov, @eugenenovikov

A Rabbit, Run adaptation and something Bukowski-inspired. Could do both with that money. Most would go to Tom Waits music. - Jonathan Sullivan, @jonsullivan_

I would make my Step Up-meets-WWE script (seriously). - Brandon Rohwer, @brandonRohwer

I'd convince David Fincher to go through with his adaptation of Torso by Brian Bendis. - Matt Singer, @mattsinger

I'd find a way to sabotage 'the teenage mutant ninja turtle alien' movie. I know this doesn't answer the question... - Douglas Godinho, @dgodinho


Star Wars episodes 7-9 if george would write them. - Larry Talk, @Larrytalk

I'd fully finance The Tripods trilogy. - Alan Cerny, @NordlingAICN

I'd finance Halo. The Alex Garland draft. - Benjamin Eck, @BenjaminEck

The Dark Knight Returns, with Keaton and Nicholson. - Matt Woolcott, @Gyropitus

Maybe a full fledged IMAX action extravaganza that could only be properly shown in IMAX theatres. Would cost A LOT to produce! - nixskits, @nixskits2

"Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail" or "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" or something really steampunk - Not This Movie, @NotThisMovie

Citizen Puft - Stay Puft, @Stay Puft

The next Simon Pegg & Nick Frost movie. The first three were great - EShy, @EShy

Rob Jordan's Wheel of Time saga 'n Justice League. - unsiW, @nunototwit

Guillermo Del Toro to go back and do At the Mountains of Madness - James, @fistfulofmedia

I agree with @fistfulofmedia. Definitely would finance 'At the Mountains of Madness' with Del Toro. - Annette Fidelino, @uhnet

With the budget and rating it deserves. HEAR HEAR! - Alex Billington, @firstshowing


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