The Conversation: What Does Beyoncé's Pregnancy Mean for 'A Star is Born' and Who Should Now Star Opposite Her?

The Conversation: What Does Beyoncé's Pregnancy Mean for 'A Star is Born' and Who Should Now Star Opposite Her?

Aug 29, 2011

Very quickly following Beyoncé Knowles' pregnancy announcement at the VMAs last night, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood reported exclusively that Warner Bros. and director Clint Eastwood will now need to push back the start date on the latest remake of A Star is Born (this after Brad Brevet of Rope of Silicon speculated she'd be replaced). Apparently the film, the fourth official version of this property (not including the precursing What Price Hollywood? nor the loosely influenced Bollywood classic Abhimaan), was to begin shooting in February, which is now when the pop star is due to pop. Now, the future kid of Jay-Z gets to grow up knowing he had great power in Hollywood even before his life began. 

And speaking of things that don't exist yet, apparently this production setback opens up more time for Eastwood and company to search longer for a leading man. Leonardo DiCaprio was wanted for the role, but he's declined and now it's open to other big names, including Will Smith and Christian Bale. I think Jay-Z should be considered, since the real-life couple thing worked for that Indian non-remake (stars Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri were married soon after its release). 1976 version's Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson also apparently dated, but many years prior to making the film. 

But enough about gossip. This is about Beyoncé being pregnant and what it means for this highly anticipated musical. Let's see what people around the web are saying about this delay and who should play the singer's leading man:


Warner Bros. shouldn’t be too worried about when A Star Is Born will hit theaters, seeing how Eastwood is well-known for being a highly efficient director; assuming cameras get rolling by sometime in spring 2012, it’s possible the film could still be ready for release by the end of the year. The screenplay by Will Fetters (Remember Me) is all ready to go – and since Eastwood is also known for not messing around with the final draft of a shooting script, he can focus more on completing his addition pre-production duties, while Beyoncé gets to spend time with her newborn child. - Sandy Schaefer, Screen Rant

Warner Bros. will likely push back the February 2012 start date, and I’m not sure how that will sit with Eastwood considering the grizzled legend has been bent on delivering a new movie every year. - Matt Goldberg, Collider

Will Eastwood make another movie first? He’s certainly capable of turning out a stopgap film before doing this remake. - Russ Fischer, /Film

There’s no word yet on a new start date for the movie, but considering the fast-moving Eastwood doesn’t like to sit idle for too long, we wouldn’t be surprised if he knocks something else out in the interim. - Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist

While I doubt that Eastwood will idle on this production for the duration of Knowles’ pregnancy, it might be in his best interest to take his time on this one. The musical genre is something outside his comfort zone, and dance numbers are about as notoriously difficult to shoot alongside action or sports. After seeing how lazily he shot the wonderful sport that is rugby, one can only hope he’s learned his lesson. - Conor O'Donnell, The Film Stage

Watching Beyonce perform tonight was a powerful reminder of what a charismatic and impressive stage presence she can be, and even though her acting chops aren't quite confirmed-- she was fine in Dreamgirls, but nothing eye-opening-- I can't think of many other musicians I'd rather see take on the Star is Born role famously played by both Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Hopefully she won't just be up for the challenge, but will make it worth the wait. - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend

An apologetic DiCaprio has run back into the waiting arms of Martin Scorsese, and the reunited couple can't wait to do a remake of The Gambler together. Don't be mad now that you see that Scorsese want it, Clint. Beyoncé told you what you needed to do. - Mark, I Watch Stuff

One upside to the delay: Eastwood and Warner Bros. will now have more time to find the male lead, since Leonardo DiCaprio has turned down the project. Christian Bale is said to be a top choice for the role, since Eastwood seems determined to cast a star who won't have any romantic chemistry with Beyoncé. - Kyle Buchanan, Vulture

Leonardo DiCaprio is (unsurprisingly) not taking the bait on the film and a search for a male lead continues. Christian Bale was mentioned in one of the trades the other day, but you don’t need me to tell you that’s likely a load of crap too. Still, it’s one less movie with Leo’s name on it, right? - Craig Kennedy, Living in Cinema

Christian Bale - The Oscar winner is already rumored to be circling "A Star is Born," and we wholeheartedly support the idea. Bale has all the charm to play leading man Norman Maine in his highest highs and all the intensity to tap into the character's lowest lows. Getting the chance to see him opposite Beyonce and under Eastwoods direction would be a great treat for cinephiles. Plus, Bale in an Eastwood-directed musical is probably as close to a "Newsies" sequel as we're going to get! - Josh Wigler, MTV Movies Blog

Beyonce and Jay-Z wed in April 2008, and while he's hardly a "has-been," maybe he wouldn't be such a bad choice. Either way, one thing is certain: a star will soon be born. - Elizabeth Durand, NextMovie

Despite some salesmanship from Eastwood during the J. Edgar shoot, Leonardo DiCaprio is out. Who’s next? Will Smith? Jay-Z? Jo Calderone? - Christopher Rosen, Movieline

And as for Will Smith? We haven't seen much in the vein of "aging alcoholic has-been" in terms of Will Smith roles. Maybe this can be the role that takes the superstar down the anti-hero alley... and that'd be quite a welcome turn. We saw hints of it in Hancock... but that was Hancock. Let's try it in an actual movie now. - Michael Arbeiter,

Smith [is] the obvious choice, seeing as he, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé have so much work to do in training their collective brood for their eventual rule of all entertainment. Expect to hear more about this, doled out in vague, one-to-two-sentence updates buried within the avalanche of Beyoncé motherhood stories over the next year or so. - Sean O'Neal, The A.V. Club


@alisonkNYC: Ryan Gosling should be in every movie made from now on. He is my vote.

@jbdcampbell: I'd love to see Idris Elba as an alcoholic musician.

@TaybackX: anyone that's stupid enough, so I'm going with Ryan Reynolds.

@vjmfilms: Mike Myers?


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