The Conversation: What Documentary Has Changed Your Mind?

The Conversation: What Documentary Has Changed Your Mind?

Jun 16, 2011

In his latest Doc Talk column, Christopher Campbell asked whether or not a documentary has ever changed your mind about a subject, and it's an interesting conversation to have because a doc that changes the way you think is one of the greatest influences a film can have on a person since it can essentially change your life.

In his post Chris spoke to others about the subject, eliciting responses from writers and filmmakers (Dustin Rowles from Pajiba and I agree that Tapped is one doc that changed both our minds about bottled water and the way it's ripping us off both financially and environmentally), but we felt it was worth continuing the conversation with more of our readers, not only as an exercise in praising the documentary genre, but also in turning you on to more films that may have a major impact on your life moving forward.

We went to Twitter and asked folks to name documentaries that have changed their mind about ... anything, really, and here's the response we received ...


@Phil_on_Film: I was pro-choice before Lake of Fire. It didn't entirely change my mind but it left me with deeply conflicted thoughts & emotions

@garyotoole66: @Phil_on_Film then it sounds as though it's done it's job, sparking internal and external debate- good stuff I think!?

@Phil_on_Film: @garyotoole66: Yeah, it's admirably even-handed for such a contentious issue & one of the most thought-provoking films I've seen.

@geekCouch: FOOD, INC totally changed how my wife and I shop and eat.

@gholson: THE JOURNEY inspired me to get off my duff, move thousands of miles away from home and go to art school.

@jeanmcdowell: Bill Maher and Larry Charles' Religulous. Religion really is ridiculous!

@joemoscone77: Goth Cruise

@enginyd: Food Inc. Burma VJ.

@monicac: Very Young Girls, Food Inc., Hugh Hefner doc

@RyanFerguson83: THE COVE--I'll never go back to Sea World and I'll never see Dolphins as "just animals" again.

@chriscardno: JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK was a fascinating insight into the work life of a comedian, came away with tons of respect for Joan.

@MovieTruth: 'The Fog of War'. McNamara's honesty broke my heart. RT @ErikDavis: What Documentary Has Changed Your Mind?

@frittersandclam: I used to think that all haunted houses were harmless fun. Then I saw HELL HOUSE.

@geofflatulippe: THE CORPORATION. There's a complete difference between capitalism and what our government allows corporations to get away with. There was also a pretty brilliant TV doc that convinced me that only LH Oswald killed JFK, but I can't remember the title :(

@mrbeaks: @geofflatulippe: Don't know the doc, but Vincent Bugliosi's exhaustive RECLAIMING HISTORY convinced me LHO acted alone.

@germnyc: Goold's Gold

@joshbrunsting: That's a tough question. to me...the best documentaries don't really change minds. They open them up to important topics...

@JackGonzo: Paradise Lost about the WM3. Prior I was a bit naive about people being brought to prosecution



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