The Conversation: Reactions to the Golden Globe Nominations (Especially the 'Muppets' Snub)

The Conversation: Reactions to the Golden Globe Nominations (Especially the 'Muppets' Snub)

Dec 15, 2011

A lot of people claim to have no interest in the Golden Globes, yet every year we still give the Hollywood Foreign Press Association our attention with coverage of their silly party, which is kind of like the awards-season equivalent of a billionaire daddy hiring celebs to attend his daughter's sweet 16. As usual the nominees, which were announced this morning, lean on the side of baiting stars to attend the ceremony, even if it means getting roasted by host Ricky Gervais

This year people are noting the focus on handsome actors, celebrity directors (George ClooneyAngelina JolieMadonna), the confused recognition of My Week With Marilyn as either a comedy or musical and the continued shower of accolades for likely Oscar frontrunner The Artist. Biggest snubs stunning the Internet include Melissa McCarthy and The Muppets. I guess puppets aren't as fun to wine and dine as Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.  

As the documentary guy, I can honestly say I have no reason to care about the nominees or winners. Every year since I was born, the biggest Golden Globes snub has been documentary. They got rid of the category in 1977 after only six years. They should bring it back, even though I assume the nominees would all be star-studded docs like Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverConan O'Brien Can't StopHis Way (with Pitt and Clooney), Jane's Journey (with Jolie) and The Whale (produced by Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson). Okay, there, I just gave the HFPC their picks. Now they just have to make it official. But I might still only watch for Gervais anyway. 


What are people saying about the Golden Globe nominations? Here's The Conversation heard around the blogosphere and Twitter: 

Leading the pack with six nominations was THE ARTIST followed closely by THE DESCENDANTS, THE HELP and Madonna's W.E.? Yes, that should show you how suspect the Golden Globes really are. - Mike Sampson,

The Globes do get attention for the awards doled out each year, if only for the way that the organization targets films with big stars to show up at the ceremony. How else to explain multiple nominations for Madonna‘s W.E.? Sure, her Best Song nomination could have gone to a tune from The Muppets, but why would the HFPA want anyone from that film at the ceremony? - Russ Fischer, /Film

The nominees are fairly unsurprising and controversy-free this year—there’s no star-baiting equivalent of The Tourist, for example, except that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association obviously wanted to make doubly sure that George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and Zooey Deschanel showed up. - Sean O'Neal, A.V. Club

Indeed, there was no nod for Johnny Depp for The Rum Diary or Anne Hathaway for One Day -- they still couldn't resist making a few egregiously inappropriate nominations: Carnage has been pilloried by critics and audiences alike and no one associated with it has been nominated or honored by any other awards group, but Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet both managed to score best actress (musical or comedy) Globe nods. - Scott Feinberg, The Race (The Hollywood Reporter)

All but guaranteeing that Brangelina will show up, Brad Pitt was nominated for his role in “Moneyball,” while his significant other Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” qualified for best foreign-language film. The foreign press association is quite a fan of Ms. Jolie’s lesser-known qualities, like her way with a joke; last year they nominated the flop “The Tourist” as a comedy. - Melena Ryzik, The Carpetbagger (The New York Times)

Not an entirely surprising nomination, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved it for his work in "50/50." He has established himself in recent years as one of the best young actors in Hollywood, so anytime JGL gets awards recognition, it's proof that the HFPA is paying attention to the right actors. - Kevin P. Sullivan, MTV Movies Blog

Nice to see "50/50" in the Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) category, though, since the movie works better as a comedy than a drama, I would have liked to see Seth Rogen acknowledged for his funniest performance in years, rather than a disappointingly skin-deep turn from the usually flawless Joseph Gordon-Levitt. - Matt Pais, RedEye

The Globes was very kind to Ides of March, which got four nominations but has been largely ignored until now. This should help it, but not hugely: The multiple nominations really mostly ensure George and Ryan will be all over the telecast. - Willa Paskin, Vulture

Start pondering how host Ricky Gervais will ever come up with enough George Clooney/Ryan Gosling jokes to cover how often their names will be coming up. There are only so many ways to laugh about overtly traditional handsomeness. - Mark, I Watch Stuff

For an awards show that has always seemed particularly dull and misguided, this year’s batch of nominees is not going to diverge from the ancient tradition. I mean, Gnomeo and Juliet got a nomination for fuck’s sake, and even if it is just for best song, IT IS GNOMEO AND JULIET. And are we really considering My Week with Marilyn a comedy? Because, uh, I mean, we can, but then we have to answer the pressing question: name one thing that is funny about it? (Not that it should be nominated for any awards in drama either. The only awards it should be up to win are awards for Things That Are Terrible And Make You Wonder How On Earth They Ever Got Made. That is the category in which My Week with Marilyn SWEEPS.) What a load of crap. What a magical celebration! - Gabe Delahaye, Videogum

There have been whispers that My Week With Marilyn producer Harvey Weinstein demanded songs written for the film just so the movie could eventually be considered for [the Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical] category and, lo and behold, there it is. - Matt Patches,

Why does Moneyball get a screenplay nomination again? Was it for that touching scene where Billy Beane’s daughter sings him a song from a jean commercial? Brilliant writing, that. It highlighted nicely the father-daughter relationship that was totally superfluous. - Vince Mancini, Film Drunk

Everyone — and I mean everyone — loves Melissa McCarthy, star of TV’s Mike and Molly and scene-stealer from this summer’s gal-pal hit, Bridesmaids. So I had to check my Golden Globes scoresheet multiple times before it finally sank in that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had ignored both her performances this year. Not cool, Hufpa. - Jeff Labrecque, PopWatch (Entertainment Weekly)

SNUB: Melissa McCarthy - The Bridesmaids scene-stealer’s omission wouldn’t seem so conspicuous were it not for her surge over the last week and the film itself earning two nominations in Best Picture - Musical/Comedy and Actress - Musical/Comedy. I can’t even legitimately float the thought that NBC — which broadcasts the Globes — pushed for recognition of its SNL star over CBS’s Mike and Molly star; after all, NBC Universal released Bridesmaids. What’s an awards conspiracy theorist to do? Anyway, Academy tastes will settle this in a month, and I for one can totally wait. - S.T. VanAirsdale, Movieline

Pains me to say that there were no awards IN ANY CATEGORY for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which for me, alongside The Artist, is the crowning achievement of cinema this year. - Matt Holmes, What Culture

As for “snubs” (again, it’s tough to take the Globes nominations seriously), nothing from The Muppets was nominated for Best Song. - Matt Goldberg, Collider

"The Muppets," widely expected to figure into the Best Original Song category in a big way, missed out on that, as well as the big Comedy/Musical nomination. - Oliver Lyttelton, The Playlist

I’m fairly disgusted with most of it, especially the TV noms. Also, no Muppets. You’re dead to me, motherfuckers. Dead. To. Me. - Dustin Rowles, Pajiba

I am a little disappointed that NOT ONE of the SIX songs that Brett McKenzie worked on for The Muppets was nominated. - Mike Lee, Fused Film

Might want to keep Animal on his chain this morning, because we're sure he's screaming "WE WUZ ROBBED! WE WUZ ROBBED!" Passing over the year's most Muppetsational musical extravaganza for the likes of "My Week With Marilyn" must have Gonzo feeling pretty blue today. - Max Evry, Next Movie

The Muppets were robbed! It was a slightly long shot for them to find a nomination in the Best Comedy or Musical category-- though it's the only true musical out there this year-- but the movie should have been a shoo-in in the Best Original Song category, with ditties like "Life's A Happy Song" and "Pictures in My Head" that I've still got stuck in my head weeks later. Instead the Best Original Song lineup contains craziness like "The Keeper" from Machine Gun Preacher-- I'm one of about 8 people who saw that movie, and i don't remember that song at all. I have to imagine the Oscars won't pass up the chance to have The Muppets performing live onstage, but come on Golden Globes-- you whiffed big time on this one. - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend

I will say this: congrats to the HFPA for not recognizing a single one of those goddamn awful fake Muppet songs. Apparently someone over there has some taste and good sense. - Craig Kennedy, Living in Cinema

Congratulations, 2012 Golden Globe nominees, you can hold your head high knowing that you now have something in common with 'Patch Adams.' No one can ever take that away from you. It's quite an honor. - Mike Ryan, Moviefone


@katerbland: Did I just hallucinate that Ryan Gosling was nominated for CRAZY STUPID LOVE and IDES OF MARCH? And not DRIVE? I must have.

@djmecca: let's all just be happy Gosling got recognized for his face, er I mean, body...of work.

@Kartemquin: No best documentary category at the Golden Globes just proves what a farce the whole thing is. Not that we would get one anyway, what with not having any animals or celebrities in our films... or being on HBO.

@joethecritic: More evidence that the Golden Globes are clueless and corrupt: no nominations for "The Tree of Life," two for Madonna's "W.E."

@MuppetMindset: THE MUPPETS was completely and ridiculously snubbed by Golden Globes. No nod for Best Song? Wrong on many levels. We'll get em @ the Oscars!

@ToughPigs: What?? No Golden Globe nominations for The Muppets??? We demand a recount!

@mannymovies: And here's the biggest Golden Globe crime! None of the songs from THE MUPPETS was nominated! Not MAN OR MUPPET, or LIFE'S A HAPPY SONG! The Horror!!!!

@EriktheMovieman: Congratulations to #HFPA for not nominating THE MUPPETS for Best Song, but nominated MACHINE GUN PREACHER!!!

@GuyLodge: No songs from THE MUPPETS nominated, but Madonna got a nomination. OF COURSE Madonna got a nomination.

@DSWalber: The HFPA, channeling Tex Richman, would like us to know that The Muppets aren't famous enough for their red carpet. Those gnomes, though...

@hammertonail: Dear everybody, shuddafuggUP about the stupid, pointless, whogivesaFUGG Golden Globe nominations. Love, me



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