The Conversation: Brian Grazer Replaces Brett Ratner, but Who Should Be the New Oscar Host?

The Conversation: Brian Grazer Replaces Brett Ratner, but Who Should Be the New Oscar Host?

Nov 09, 2011

A lot has happened since yesterday's Conversation, which asked if Brett Ratner should be fired as Academy Awards producer. Since then he's stepped down and now so has host Eddie Murphy. I assume this will just be a week for Conversations about the Oscars. Hopefully we'll have the new producer and host announced by Friday so the next installment can complete the triad. Until then, it's time to root for who you'd like to host. And sure, produce, though not many people have a comment on that job. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian Grazer has been approached to replace Ratner (Updated: It's now been confirmed that Grazer will replace Ratner).

As for emcees, we're hearing serious and jokey recommendations across the Internet, mostly the Twittersphere, where there's a campaign for an all-Muppets Oscars (also now on Facebook) -- if The Muppets can get some original song nods and Being Elmo contends for Best Documentary, it'd be fitting yet nuts. Other real ideas are to bring back Billy Crystall (who has the itch), promote Neil Patrick Harris or have no host at all (which is kind of the same as the "Twitter should host" ideas). Hopefully nobody's set on Robin Williams, since one journalist has already personally asked him, and he replied, "Never." My wife thinks our dog Oscar should host the Oscars (no he's not named after them), though someone below has a better idea for a dog emcee (and no, it's not Rolf). 

24 Frames is polling readers for their pick of Oscar host, with NPH winning at 39% (against Crystal, Kristen Wiig and Lady Gaga).

Which actors, puppets and politicians are being talked up as Oscar host? Here's The Conversation heard around the blogosphere and Twitter: 


Tina Fey — It’s been years since a woman hosted, so why not invite the woman — the undisputed comic champ of primetime. It’s worth noting that Tina Fey gives the best award-show speeches on the planet. She deserves an entire ceremony in her honor. - Louis Virtel, Movieline

As always, I humbly suggest Kevin Spacey. But there are other possibilities. Someone on Twitter mentioned Albert Brooks. That would be brilliant. And there's always the possibility of a @MuppetOscars. I'd probably get behind that more than anything. - Kristopher Tapley, In Contention

Disney owns both the Muppets and ABC, where the Oscars will air, but everyone seems to be forgetting Jim Henson’s creations are only just returning, and not exactly the classy foot the Academy needs to put forward in the wake of this.  My personal favorite idea so far is Tina Fey (or her co-hosting with Amy Poehler), and “Saturday Night Live” chief Lorne Michaels as their worthy producer. - Jeff Leins, News in Film

Stephen Colbert - It'd be foolish not to have a politically-charged comic handle the show in an election year. Jon Stewart had his shot, and redditors love Colbert. So he's already got massive Internet support for promos. - Brian Adams, BuzzFeed

Somebodey get Tyler Perry on the phone, stat! A Madea opening number could be a doozy. - Tambay, Shadow and Act

I'm curious to see who they'll line-up for this instead, but maybe it's Billy Crystal's chance to step up and be the actual host. - Alex Billington, First Showing

There will undoubtedly be speculation surrounding old reliable candidates like Steve Martin and maybe even Billy Crystal [...] Or could this be the year the big hosting job goes to reliably great host Neil Patrick Harris? - Linda Holmes, NPR's Monkey See

Let's face it, NPH is an old pro at this. He's hosted everything except the Adult Video Awards (and that was probably only because they couldn't decide what should go in the gift basket), and he's proven himself to be quick, funny, and able to move things along (which seems to be a problem at some of these shows). - Snicks, After Elton

I have 3 words for the Academy … Neil Patrick Harris. ‘Nuff said. - Pink is the New Blog

Where do I sign the "Courtney Stodden 4 Oscar host" petition? Every presenter will have to say "...and the glisteningly glimmery Oscar that my long lingering fingers are sumptuously caressing the succulent heat off of gorgeously goes to..." and the show will be cut short halfway through after Courtney is kicked out of the theater for tarnishing the innocent no-eyes of the statues by being too sexy. Courtney Stodden 4 Oscar host! Get the "Betty White 4 SNL host" people on it. - Michael K, Dlisted


(Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf at the 58th Academy Awards in 1986)


@Andy_Richter: Eddie Murphy quit the Oscars! Yoo-hoo, Academy! I am SO available!

@zachbraff: I'll host the Oscars if Billy Crystal and Wolverine are busy... If I hosted the Oscars, Hooch would do a dance interpretation of all the nominated songs.

@evgenymorozov: I'm rooting for Berlusconi to replace Eddie Murphy as the host of next year's Oscars. Last chance for the Academy to go Bunga Bunga.

@DSWalber: So much stepping down in just 24 hours. I say we shuffle: Silvio Berlusconi hosts the Oscars, Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner run Italy.

@GuyLodge: James Franco was in a Best Picture nominee last year, so there's absolutely no reason why Uggy the Dog can't host the Oscars. #theartist

@stevensantos: Werner Herzog to direct and narrate.

@BrianDuffield: Seriously just go all out. Segal and Adams can host with THE MUPPETS if you want human hosts. Biggest Oscarcast in decades.

@LATherocomplex: C'mon, it's so obvious: Kermit the Frog for Oscars host.

@HitFixDaniel: I want Grover to host the Oscars, because you just KNOW the jealousy would make Elmo psychotic.

@JeremyKKirk: I want Scooter complaining he can't get into the awards even though his uncle owns the place. 

@TeelaJBrown: Animal should present the Best Actress award #WOMAN #WOMAN

@quityourJRob: Rehearsing is for Fraggles. #MuppetOscars

@pajiba: Not the Muppets! The Academy should hire Peter Jackson to produce the Oscars and The Feebles to host the ceremony. Hormony Korine to direct!

@kateyrich: I second @nprmonkeysee. Jimmy Fallon for Oscars host. Winners play beer pong, get serenaded by fake Neil Young. Everyone stays happy.

@joblocom: So far Tina Fey is the best Oscar hosting candidate I've heard so far.

@Da7e: Lohan hosts the Oscars wearing the skin of a Kardashian. Nothing says pointless like a fame-whore in fame-whores skin, in a fame-whore suit.

@misterpatches: Wafflebot for Oscar Host

@alisonwillmore: Oscar host suggestions: Petite lap giraffe, Japanese companion pillow, IKEA chatbot, cactus wearing a V FOR VENDETTA mask

@cameron_tiff: If not Brett Ratner & Eddie Murphy, how about Steve McQueen & Michael Fassbender? #oscars #shame

@ThePlaylist: Michael Bay should produce, with Optimus Prime hosting

@blondediva11: Twitter should host the Oscars. We all live-tweet it anyway. Our jokes are better. And some are used to giving out trophies.

@GarryShandling: Got it* - Oscars are only on twitter this year. Pass it on.

@douggpound: BREAKING: Dan Aykroyd to replace Eddie Murphy for Oscar host as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

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