The Conversation: 'Top Gun 2' Gets New Writers. Is Your Breath Taken Away?

The Conversation: 'Top Gun 2' Gets New Writers. Is Your Breath Taken Away?

Oct 14, 2011

It's a big day for movies with Kenny Loggins theme songs, as the Footloose remake opens in cinemas and now the Top Gun sequel is "jumpin off the deck/and headed into overdrive." Does this mean we're in the "Danger Zone" in terms of there being no turning back from Top Gun 2 becoming a horrible reality? Not exactly, but Paramount and Skydance Productions are in talks with wingmen screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (X-Men: First ClassThorAgent Cody Banks) about them possibly coming aboard. 

That apparently means Christopher McQuarrie is no longer scripting the follow-up, as we heard exactly one year ago, and everyone is also now wondering if Tony Scott's claims around the same time about it not really being a sequel still stand. So many questions are put forth with this development. Is Scott still directing? Will Cruise come back? How about X-Men: First Class cameo-er Michael Ironside? Will there be a new karaoke scene to propel an old song back into the limelight? 

Actually, most people are just reacting how they normally do, making jokes about where Maverick and Iceman are in their homoerotic relationship. I wonder if they'll at least make some hint to that whole thing. One thing at least we can count on is this will likely be shot in 3D, especially since the first movie is set for a re-release conversion next year. 

Here's The Conversation on the web about the latest Top Gun 2 development: 


Reboot, spinoff, reimagining? Who knows. Not even Tom Cruise has committed to anything yet. So don’t get your jets all in lather just yet. - Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist

I still find the whole "Scott brother midlife crisis" to be kind of funny. First Ridley decides to make a prequel to Alien (which ended up turning into Prometheus); then Tony decided he wanted to do make a sequel to Top Gun and most recently Ridley was inspired to reboot Blade Runner. One can only imagine what's coming next. - Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend

Iceman's gonna need a bigger plane. - Todd Brown, Twitch

Should Miller and Stentz agree to be Scott’s wingmen, they will oil themselves up until they’re all taut and bronzed, creatively speaking, then set up and serve Scott’s original story back to him in deliciously lingering slow motion. - Sean O'Neal, A.V. Club

[This] shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing, however, as Miller and Stentz managed to do a successful job weaving together many convoluted strands of X-Men lore – as well as American history – into what was arguably the best superhero movie of summer 2011 (depending who you ask, of course). - Kofi Outlaw, Screen Rant

We'd love if the sequel turns out to be a dark cautionary tale where Maverick and all of his flyboy friends realize that their jingoistic '80s excess was merely an empty shell to hide the deep insecurity and self-doubt that was eating away at their soul. - Tim Grierson, The Projector

I don't care too much about a Top Gun sequel if it doesn't revolve around Maverick. I can, however, see them scripting a story similar to the first, casting someone like Shia LaBeouf as the cocky hot shot, Josh Duhammel as his "Goose" and Tom Hardy as the modern era "Ice Man". Now we just need to figure out where to put Anthony Mackie, Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake - Brad Brevet, RopeofSilicon


@devincf: TOP GUN 2? That sounds like a real expression of artistic passions.

@DrewAtHitFix: It's always nice to see someone get a writing job I'd never want, so I don't have to seethe with silent jealousy. Enjoy "Top Gun 2," guys!

@Carpie2112: kick the tires and light the fires... but seriously, terrible idea but will make lots of money.

@matthewc0le: Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are in negotiations with Paramount and Skydance to write the script for the Top Gun sequel..someone stop them!

@ShaniaHatesMayo: It's official. I'm done with Hollywood.

@matthewdaly: I get that sequelising everything is offensive, but if you view Top Gun as sacred, I would suggest it's been a while since you saw it.

@yami4ct: If they get all the actors back, Top Gun seems like one of the late sequels that could really work.

@MiddleFrances: the homoerotic undertones will be off the charts. Nice to see they're keeping with the Top Gun tradition.

@BTMcLaughlin: A sequel to "Top Gun" is the works. In this one, you find out whether Tom Cruise is a top gun or a bottom gun.

@BasseyworldLive: they're also apparently making a Top Gun 2 (they already did. It was called Brokeback Mountain.)

@JSlanderz: Do Maverick and Iceman tie the knot?

@StephenH20Man: Maverick and Iceman to adopt baby together!

@timhorsburgh: Seems a logical choice post-don't ask, don't tell repeal.

@mattpatches: (from last October, retweeted today) If Top Gun 2 happens, I will eat a shoe



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