The Conversation: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Reactions

The Conversation: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Reactions

Feb 06, 2012

Know what Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies were missing? An adjective ahead of the superhero's name for easy blurbing. I'm looking forward to when the next reboot is titled The Spectacular Spider-Man so we can have some fresh takes. And then we can get an "astonishing!" series, a "sensational!" series, and an "ultimate!" series. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will get some cute reactions. Web of Spider-Man will be interesting, too. For now, though, we've got The Amazing Spider-Man, which I'm hearing is indeed quite "amazing!" I've also seen the term "adorkable!" used more than once. Eh...

Sony debuted a new trailer and 20 minutes of additional footage for journalists and fans today. All over the world -- including NYC, LA, Rio and London, where audiences were greeted by Andrew GarfieldMarc WebbEmma Stone and Rhys Ifans, respectively (other events were held in Mexico City, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney). Buzz coming out of these preview screenings are overwhelmingly positive. There are a few who think it was "fine" or not good at all. They're either less vocal or coincidentally slipping through my searches. But I've seen a few. One thing I've noticed is that we have to consider our like or dislike for Webb's (500) Days of Summer since this is apparently like that film, only with a costumed web-slinger. 

Just as long as there are no silly musical numbers I don't think I'll mind. Stay tuned for the brand new trailer debuting online later tonight.


What are people saying about the preview footage of The Amazing Spider-Man? Here's The Conversation heard around the Internet:

Definitely a new take on Spider-Man. Lots of swooping about the city and vivid action scenes. The film seems funnier and a little goofier than the films before, and Emma Stone is definitely a brighter presence than Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane. - Amanda Mae Meyncke,

This Peter Parker might be mouthy and sarcastic, but he doesn't seem cynical-- and that, more than impressive effects or anything else, might be what I'm looking forward to about The Amazing Spider-Man. - Katey Rich, Cinema Blend 

An early scene between Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker at school offered a funny and awkward interaction between the pair, echoing that same astutely-observed look at young romance which characterised Webb’s debut feature 500 Days of Summer. Thankfully, the director looks like he has more than what it takes when dealing with the bigger, action-heavy carnage, and the shots of Spidey swinging through his beloved Manhattan really benefit  this time around from the technology  being at a level which can really sell that web action. Everything looks a little ramped up this time around, and in particular, the sequences shown where Parker discovers and begins harnessing his new-found powers had a thrillingly visceral and grounded feel to them. - Adam Lowes, Hey U Guys

Think Spider-Man meets The Dark Knight: Look for darker, more sarcastic humor, a more antagonistic relationship with law enforcement, and more of a self-made hero. And in this version, Parker gets some of his web-slinging studliness from his own talent for invention—as it was in the original comic books. - Leslie Gornstein, E!

The new Spider-Man may actually make you forget about the three prior films. OK, look, this remains to be seen. And "Spider-Man 2" is still one of the best superhero movies ever made. But, I have to admit, the footage from the new film is pretty great. Whereas Tobey Maguire played Peter as a nerdy peon, Garfield captures the character's smart-ass charm. In one scene, a car thief pulls a knife on Spider-Man, who responds with a sarcastic "Oh, no, not a knife!" -- and then faux-sneezes spider webs all over the guy. Honestly, having seen footage from both "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man," I think people will not like the former quite as much as they think they will, and will like the latter more than they expect to. - Mike Ryan, Moviefone

The biggest takeaway from this footage was that it looked good. The 3D looked great, the action was intense and thank goodness for adorable skinny Brit boys who know how to brood. We're very excited. - Meredith Woerner, io9

Everything I saw looks good. The footage has a nice energy, and Punk Peter seems acceptable enough. Garfield seems great. The Lizard still looks crummy to me, but I just simply don’t like the design. The missing lab coat says to me that this Lizard is more monster, less man. I hope I’m wrong about that - Connors transforming into a brainless beast isn’t interesting. - Devin Faraci, Badass Digest

The 3D looks gooood. Although 3D isn't as integral to the experience as some might argue it is for Hugo, it's definitely something fans will enjoy. Webb and his crew filmed the entire film in stereoscopic 3D, so there's none of that post-production nonsense here. Sometimes Spider-Man moves so fast onscreen that it's hard to track, and his high-flying antics are impressive, especially in contrast to the unfinished 2D sizzle reel. Is it necessary to the film? Probably not. - Jenni Miller,

The trailer ends with a gee-wow moment of a structure crashing down on the top of a building, and Spider-Man zooming off towards the camera. And it's hard not to me impressed. So far the footage hasn't inspired much excitement, but probably because so little of it was actually finished. Seeing a more completed version of the action not only gives you a greater sense of what the movie will be, but how it will be different. It might be the same story slightly altered but it seems like the filmmakers have given it their all; this will hopefully be a very distinct Spider-Man, tonally (more comic book-y wisecracks!) and visually (there's a great shot of the Lizard's tail descending behind Peter that looks positively "Alien"-y). - Drew Taylor, The Playlist

There was also a strong focus on Spider-man being a vigilante – much like Bruce Wayne in the more recent Batman films. He is being sought out by the police – including Gwen’s father George (Denis Leary) for his “crimes”. And when Peter Parker tries to debate Spider-man’s vigilante status with George over a Stacy family dinner, things get pretty tense. - Amanda Keats, Filmoria

Daddy issues are likely to be the order of the day, not only with surrogate figures Uncle Ben and Dr Connors, but hints about Peter's father's past. That's not even mentioning Captain Stacy... Plus there's a look at Peter testing out his skills in a disused warehouse which feels like an arachnid Footloose. - Matt Maytum, Total Film

Right now, I honestly believe that this will be better than both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. It looks and sounds like no other comic book movie and feels totally original and fresh. Raimi's trilogy has come under a great deal of criticism from fans in recent years (including myself) but this feels as if the best moments of all all of those films, just a million times better. It's like nothing I've seen before. The soundtrack (at least what I heard of it) is fantastic and promises to be as memorable as Marc Webb"s brilliant score for his big screen directorial debut, (500) Days Of Summer. If theres only one adaptation this year that fans will say feel like it was torn from the pages of a comic book, I honestly believe it will be The Amazing Spider-Man. - Josh Wilding,


@Sherlock_Bones: If only there was an adjective to describe the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film.

@maahin: footage was amazing! (sorry) 

@screencrave: Amazing? You bet. New footage= incredible.

@drapiroh: I'm too amazed to tweet!!

@skymovies: THAT. WAS. AWESOME.

@iamluca: Just wow. OFF THE HOOK! #gass #sick Just blown away!!! Ahhhh.

@lapetitm0rt: omg just cried watching the trailer... omgggg! 

@piffyparker: Today's events have replaced the day I lost my virginity in terms of awesomeness!

@slashfilm: footage looked unbelievably good. So excited to see the film

@drapiroh: mightily impressive! Breathtaking and spectacular but also poignant and character driven!

@_ChrisLee: In a word, "adorkable." of a piece with dir. Marc Webb's last movie 500 Days of Summer

@boludoh: had all the 500 Days of Summer attitude I hoped it would. Emma Stone is perfect.

@DougEcks: Hats off to Mr. Webb. Looks spectacular. He's making all the right moves in this one.

@firstshowing: Whoa! Dark, epic, funny, this looks fantastic, I must say! Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man is starting to look quite awesome, honestly. This will be the Spidey movie all the fans are waiting for.

@EricIGN: footage looks awesome! I'm quite psyched. This is way, way more classic, jokester Spidey. He has some really great moments snarking on bad guys. Loved the footage of him building/perfecting the webshooters. Gives a whole different angle than the 1st Raimi movie. We saw an early scene of Peter and Gwen talking/flirting and it was really well done and endearing. Lots of very cool action. Spidey dodging bullets from close range, some big fights over the city with Lizard, etc. I dig Raimi's Spider-Man, but biggest takeaway was this feels both different and cool. Didn't feel like a rehash.

@charlie_morse: looks absolutely amazing. Really impressed with all the new footage. You can tell everyone involved cares

@Rudie_Obias: "The Amazing Spider-Man" is going to be Marvel's answer to "The Dark Knight."

@kateyrich: footage looks good, and has some real humor to boot. Not that different from the Raimi movies, but maybe that's not a bad thing?

@Wicked_Phoenix: Its a completely different take in an amazing way! The dialogue was sharp and is taking a different turn. I love the Raimi films but I am estactic for this.

@Poni_Boy: Based on that footage this is like no other Spider-Man film we've seen yet. Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker. Holy crap. My inner geek is now satisfied.

@holymolyfilm: A real goosebumps moment. Andrew Garfield is gonna be a way better Spiderman than Tobey Maguire. From the tiny glimpses of lizard, he looks like a ferocious mini-godzilla. The 3D makes the building-top web-slinging action feel dizzyingly high

@coconutprince: AWESOME!!! Andrew Garfield totally won me over

@screenrant: Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker.

@danburden: Andrew Garfield IS Spidey. You'll forget about that other guy.

@dsatthemovies: It's gonna be a good one - very impressed with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

@LATherocomplex: The best special effect in "The Amazing Spider-Man" sizzle reel is the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

@olly_richards: Liked very much, particularly scenes of Stone and Garfield. Like good high school comedy.

@DomSalvaggio: exceeded all expectations. 3D is the only way to see it. Lizard looked fantastic. Very menacing. Stone is a hottie.

@totalfilm: verdict: pretty damn cool! The action stuff was suitably impressive but it was the character beats that really stood out

@latinoreview: Freaking awesome!!! Looks damn good in 3D too. The web swinging looked very cool too. The Amazing Spider-Man looks better than The Avengers...That's right I said it.

@misterpatches: 3D looks cool, web swinging especially. Lots of temp music, unfinished effects, so don't let bombastic rxns overhype. The character stuff maintains the awkward reality of 500 Days, for better or worse. No Smiths references. The Lizard looks like the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros movie (that may sound like a complaint...but it's not).

@mattukat: I didn't liked the look of the new Spider-Man at all. Very childish. 3D was bad, lot's of ghosting. Nothing compared to TF3




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