Watch: 'Warner Bros. Creates Freaky Living 'Contagion' Billboards from Bacteria and Mold

Watch: 'Warner Bros. Creates Freaky Living 'Contagion' Billboards from Bacteria and Mold

Sep 09, 2011

In one of the freakiest pieces of marketing we've ever seen, Warner Bros. Canada brought in a team of microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to help create these living billboards for Steven Soderbergh's Contagion, which opens this weekend. The idea was to use large Petri dishes inoculated with live bacteria like penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria, and when it spread it first took on the film's logo before continuing on to spell out the entire title.

It's real creepy, and it almost mimics the uncomfortable, edge-of-your-seat vibe the film dishes out. We've heard people call Contagion the year's best horror film, and it's hard not to agree because the thing really hits home in a way that may have you moving seats in the theater should someone around you cough or sneeze. This isn't a film that leaves you once you exit the theater, either, which is a good thing if only that it'll help you become more aware of the germs we all spread on a daily basis.

Check out the video of those living billboards below, and make sure you have some hand sanitizer at your side for when you're finished watching.


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