Consumer Warning: Blockbuster Gift Cards Lose All Value This Wednesday

Consumer Warning: Blockbuster Gift Cards Lose All Value This Wednesday

May 16, 2011

It's a pretty safe bet to assume that most of you do not use Blockbuster for your DVD/Blu-ray rental needs anymore. And if you are still renting from Blockbuster ... um, why? Not only have they killed most of their stores and filed for bankruptcy, but why throw money at an old wounded horse in its final hours versus so many other newer, easier ways to rent movies these days?

Anyway, we understand some stores are still open, and that some of you may still be using Blockbuster, perhaps as a way to desperately cling on to some mid-90s version of yourself that had more hair and did better with the ladies. Either way, it's important to warn you that as of this Wednesday all Blockbuster gift cards will lose their value, according to Sun Sentinal (via Film School Rejects).

So if you use Blockbuster or have used Blockbuster in the past -- and tend to receive various gift cards as gifts before throwing them all in some drawer that you rarely open -- do yourself a favor and make sure you don't have any Blockbuster gift cards lying around. If you do, make sure you use them before Wednesday or you'll be out the money.

Update: A user has pointed out on Twitter that Blockbuster stopped accepting gift cards on April 7th of this year, so please disregard this post. And if you still have a Blockbuster gift card, then try to figure out some other use for it because they will no longer accept it.

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