'The Conjuring' Is Getting a Spin-off Movie That'll Focus on the Creepy Doll 'Annabelle'

'The Conjuring' Is Getting a Spin-off Movie That'll Focus on the Creepy Doll 'Annabelle'

Jan 15, 2014

We've known for months now that The Conjuring was going to get a sequel. The first film cost an estimated $20 million, brought in $41 its opening weekend alone, and went on to collect $318 million around the world. So, yeah, New Line is going to want to pull the franchise trigger on its latest horror hit. What we didn't know was that, in addition to a direct sequel, we'd also be getting a spin-off film.

The Wrap is reporting that the side film will be called Annabelle, a title that should ring a chilly bill for fans of the first film. That's the name of the creepy doll involved in the case that opens the film, and now she's getting her very own movie that will star Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton. Will it be a prequel, taking place entirely before James Wan's film? It's certainly possible. Remember, the Warrens weren't the first ones to come across the presumably malicious doll animated by the spirit of a dead girl.

But, it's also worth pointing out that Annabelle escapes from her glass case at one point during The Conjuring, so who knows, maybe she'll team up with some other bad objects from that room. Hell, you could turn the Warrens' entire room of objects into their own Toy Story-esque world where everything comes alive at night, and I'd be okay with that.

James Wan will only be serving as an executive producer on this one, while John Leonetti will be directing. He was not only the cinematographer for The Conjuring (which is some of the best cinematography a horror movie has had in years), but he also directed The Butterfly Effect 2, a straight-to-video sequel that was actually better than the first film. We're not expecting Leonetti to top The Conjuring here, but he seems like a reliable pick to keep Annabelle from being a total dud.

James Wan made a movie entirely about creepy dolls called Dead Silence, and no one really cared. Years later he made a creepy movie that had a doll in it for less than 10 minutes, and everyone freaked out and now it's getting its own movie. Funny how Hollywood works.





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