Confused About 'Cloud Atlas'? Here, Watch This

Confused About 'Cloud Atlas'? Here, Watch This

Oct 23, 2012

There's no doubt that Cloud Atlas is the most ambitious studio film of the year, and while it's great for audiences and movies in general to see Hollywood taking these sorts of risks on potentially unfilmable adaptations like Cloud Atlas, it's still a difficult sell. I went to see Argo over the weekend in a generic Long Island neighborhood full of the kinds of adults who would probably really enjoy Cloud Atlas, except the brief trailer that played prior to the film -- the one you've probably seen already -- doesn't do much except confuse a moviegoer even more. What is Cloud Atlas? For someone unfamiliar with the book and the non-stop chatter of the online movieverse, the film looks ridiculously confusing and intimidating. Yeah, that's Tom Hanks and Halle Berry -- we know them -- but other than that most folks are completely lost. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing -- and it's not really the fault of Warner Bros. because they're definitely trying to educate audiences on the movie, except most of what helps make sense out of Cloud Atlas is online and not, unfortunately, in theaters as part of the preshow entertainment. So if you're someone who's seen the trailer for Cloud Atlas and are confused (but intrigued) by it, then watch this extensive featurette below that helps make sense of a movie that needs your support.

We want Hollywood to be more ambitious, and we want to see them taking chances on stuff like Cloud Atlas in the future, so educate yourself and then give this one a shot when it hits theaters October 26.

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