Cool Concept Art Reveals What Leatherface Almost Looked Like in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

Cool Concept Art Reveals What Leatherface Almost Looked Like in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

Jan 14, 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D Leatherface

Texas Chainsaw 3D’s reign at the box office was short-lived (it dropped all the way down to the nine spot in its second week of release, taking in just over $5 million – a 76% drop from its opening), but if you’re not quite ready to consign Leatherface’s latest chainsaw slaughterfest to the annals of forgotten cinema, you might want to check out this concept art.

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz shared three new images of everyone’s favorite chainsaw-slinging madman recently, and they give us a glimpse at how Leatherface might have looked. We see the actual film version at the top, and the three concept pieces below.

We like the first piece the best (even better than the one they used in the film), if only because it seems to best capture the look and feel of Gunnar Hansen’s original. The deformed features, the prominent stitching, and the pasty tone all give off the vibe that this is really a mask put together out of other people’s faces. The belt threaded through skin loops on the neck is a particularly awesome touch. We don't know why the producers passed on this one, but maybe it was a little too close to the original. That's unfortunate.

The second piece of concept art keeps many of the things we love about the first, but loses us with the thinning gray hairline. We like to think of Leatherface as young and virile, so little patches of gray hair just doesn’t send the right message. We do, however, like the whiskers – Leatherface with someone else's facial hair is kind of a creepy idea.

The last image is serviceable, but again – we don’t like the gray hair and receding hairline. This one also lacks the pronounced stitching – making it look like a sort of one-piece mask. That’s just not as terrifying – part of what makes Leatherface so scary (other than the giant chainsaw and the whole cannibalism thing) is seeing that grizzly visage and knowing it’s stitched together from parts of other people who weren’t lucky enough to get away. We don’t get that vibe from this one – plus it bears a bit of a resemblance to Wrong Turn’s inbred hillbilly cannibal Three Finger. Why imitate a character who was clearly inspired by you in the first place?

Have a peek at the concept pieces below and let us know what you think. We suspect there’ll be more Leatherface concept art in all our futures as production starts on a Texas Chainsaw sequel.

[via Comic Book Movie]

TCM 3D concept art

TCM 3D concept art

TCM 3D concept art

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