Conan Casting, MacGruber Red-Band Trailer and Nic Cage's Hair

Conan Casting, MacGruber Red-Band Trailer and Nic Cage's Hair

Jan 22, 2010

  •  Casting Conan Stepping into the role Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous is Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa, whose sword-wielding skills, dreadlocks and Survivor jewelry apparently wowed director Marcus Nispel enough to beat out rival Kellan Lutz.
  •  WTF? Photos Nic Cage’s new movie Season of the Witch stars Nic Cage's hair, a really ugly guy with a bad case of face warts who isn’t Ron Perlman, and bird people.
  •  Pop! MTV busts the cherry on the new Runaways poster with this exclusive teaser for the pic about Joan Jett and rocker chicks The Runaways.
  •  A Not-Lame SNL Movie? The red-band trailer for MacGruber (yes, there’s also a SFW version for those of you whose workplace treats you like an 8-year-old) is out, and actually inspired a couple laugh-out-loud moments, one of which was the villain's name.
  •  Enough with the Smurf People That heaving mass of groveling mediocrity known as the Golden Globe Awards were in rare form last Sunday. Of the many dreadful things about it, hard to tell what was worse: the Dances with Wolves remake Avatar winning Best Picture or blowhard James Cameron’s obnoxious acceptance speech.

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