Netflix Watch: The Unbelievable Real-Life Video That Inspired 'Compliance'

Netflix Watch: The Unbelievable Real-Life Video That Inspired 'Compliance'

Feb 11, 2013

If you're one of the many people who are glued to your Netflix Watch Instantly account each day waiting for the next batch of movies to be released, then you no doubt realized that the controversial Compliance is now available for those who like to feel uncomfortable for two hours while you squirm in your seat, itching to strangle each and every one of the characters. Based on a crazy real-life story, Compliance shows us what happened when a female worker at a fast-food restaurant was held hostage -- and subsequently sexually assaulted -- by a prank caller posing as a police officer accusing her of stealing money from a customer.

It's one of those stories you can't even fathom happening in real life because people are smarter than that, right? People know where to draw the line, right? People know the difference between right and wrong... right? Compliance is a movie that will put you through changes, and if you were one of the many people who watched the film this weekend after it hit Netflix, then here's a little extra content regarding the real-life case the film is based on.

You'll remember the film ends with a television interview with the manager of the fast-food restaurant after the fact, grilling her on what happened and why. Well the real-life version of that 20/20 interview is available online, and you can watch it below.

Note: both videos featured below include graphic content.

And here's an additional video with interviews featuring those involved in the real-life incident.

Compliance is a fascinating character study that truly tests its audience in a number of painfully emotional ways. Many people despise the flick, but I found it to be one of the most frightening and freakishly addictive movies I've seen in years, burying itself deep beneath those parts of us that desperately want to trust others and do the right thing. It's one of those rare movies that truly pulls you into its world, to the point where at times you're experiencing many of the same emotions as its characters. While the film's mysterious police officer/prank caller all but dares the fast-food employees to comply with his demands, the movie also dares you to keep watching it.

That's what I love about it. You want to turn it off so badly, but you don't because you want to trust it. You want to trust that someone will give -- that one of these characters will do something worth rooting for. Just like its characters (and the real-life players involved) wanted to trust this caller, the audience wants to trust its storyteller. Whether or not the outcome makes for a worthwhile moviewatching experience is completely up to you, but you can't say it doesn't give you something to talk about.

Have you seen Compliance? What did you think?

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