Compare Batman Movie Villains with These Awesome Animated GIFs

Compare Batman Movie Villains with These Awesome Animated GIFs

Mar 20, 2013

Rarely do we get to write about Batman on this site (ahem), so while we prepare to spend a great deal of time waiting for the next Batman franchise to arrive on the big screen, we may as well reminisce about what once was by taking a look back at the villains of the previous two live-action Batman franchises. The one truly entertaining aspect of all the Batman movies directed by Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan are the villains. Sure, they definitely upped the camp factor for those Schumacher vehicles, but we really can't envision a world in which Arnold Schwarzenegger's version of Mr. Freeze doesn't exist. Can you?

We didn't think so.

Thanks to the Rafa Toro tumblr for creating these fantastic animated GIFs featuring the villains of those two aforementioned Batman franchises. Does this once and for all settle the debate over which franchise featured the better villains? Not really, but they're definitely fun to look at. 


The Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Villains

“The pen is truly mightier than the sword”

“Let’s see if you bleed green.”

“Does anybody else feel like a fried egg?”


“Ice to meet you!”

“It’s not nice to fool with mother nature”

“ I’ve played this stinking city, like a harp from Hell ! ”Celebrating “Batman Returns” 20th anniversary with a bunch of new gifs. 

” Life’s a bitch, now so am I “
Celebrating “Batman Returns” 20th anniversary with a bunch of new gifs.


The Christopher Nolan Villains


Unstoppable force.

“Nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Gotham’s reckoner.

“I’m adaptable!”

The white knight.

Purging fire.

The slow knife.


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