Comics on Film: Finally, People Are Excited About 'Aquaman'

Comics on Film: Finally, People Are Excited About 'Aquaman'

Nov 30, 2018


We're now just a couple of short weeks away from the first early, public screenings of WB's Aquaman, directed by James Wan, starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, and based on the long-running DC Comics character. For years, Aquaman as a character has had to battle against perceptions from a public that loves expressing misguided opinions, painting him as a hero who is weak, whose powers are useless, whose villains are forgettable, and whose stories can't possibly have any relevance since they take place out in the ocean.

It doesn't stop with the comics-agnostic. Some comic book fans – embedded comics fans, even – jumped on that bandwagon in years past without ever having picked up an issue of the character's various monthly series, or even seeing him interact with the likes of DC's biggest characters in the pages of Justice League of America.

Recent years have begun to counter these perceptions of Aquaman, though, stemming from memorable appearances in other media, like his portrayal in the Injustice fighting game series, memorable appearances on the Smallville TV show, and unforgettable casting in the form of Jason Momoa, beginning in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now, though, comes the real test: whether or not Aquaman can serve as the single biggest solo launching pad for the character into popular culture. To that end, are people excited for it? Let's try to get an accurate picture.

Ticket Pre-sales


So far, the box office performance of Aquaman ahead of its wide release on December 21 seems to be doing very, very well, as reported by Variety.

Fandango managing editor Erik Davis commented: "Aquaman is quickly becoming one of the more popular big-screen superheroes, and moviegoers are hungry to devour another film set within the DC cinematic universe. […] Fans are anxious to see new female heroes played by Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman, as well as the first superhero film directed by the incredibly successful James Wan."

Variety also related that Fandango's ticket pre-sales for Aquaman eclipsed other box office heavy-hitters for the year, including Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Venom, which both had massive opening weekends.

Recently, Amazon announced that its Prime members would gain access to an exclusive screening on December 15, five days before the first Thursday showings of the movie's opening weekend. Using a smaller ticket sales company for the promotion, Atom Tickets, Variety noted that Aquaman quickly broke their previous record for most pre-sold tickets from its first day.

As it stands right now, Aquaman appears poised to do very well when it makes its bow later on in December.

Early Critical Response


Warner Bros. has lifted the embargo on social media reactions to Aquaman and they appear to be resoundingly positive. Here are just a select few reactions from the Twitter-verse:

The movie seems to be tracking well thus far, both critically and commercially. Although we haven't seen full reviews of the movie just yet, the general word-of-mouth generated by the social media posts from critics who've seen it appear to be doing favors for the movie's pre-release traction.

Overall, Aquaman seems to be doing pretty well in terms of its perception before the masses actually have a chance to see it. Of course, it's difficult to make definitive conclusions based on this information, but there's certainly more positivity behind Aquaman than there's been before some other notable DC Comics films of recent years. Will that spell fortune for the King of the Seven Seas?

We'll find out when Aquaman is revealed in public preview showings on December 15, before releasing everywhere on December 21.

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