Comic-Con/Controversy: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Rhys Ifans Arrested After Panel

Comic-Con/Controversy: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Rhys Ifans Arrested After Panel

Jul 23, 2011

It's not Comic-Con until someone is arrested for disorderly conduct in Hall H. Last year one fan stabbed another fan in the eye over a seat, and just yesterday reports indicate that someone else was arrested ... except this time it wasn't some random fan, it was the star of The Amazing Spider-Man. Arguably the convention's most sought-after panel, Friday's Sony Pictures presentation (which included films like The Amazing Spider-Man and Total Recall) was absolutely stuffed full of people. Security was tight, the fire marshall was in attendance, and open seats were extremely hard to come by.

The Wrap reports that Rhys Ifans (who plays the villainous Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man) was trying to get his buddy into the panel, but he unfortunately didn't have the right credentials. One thing about Comic-Con is you could be Steven Spielberg, but if you don't have the right badge, you ain't getting into Hall H. Well ... push came to shove (literally) and Ifans was apparently arrested following the panel for verbally abusing and getting physical with a female security guard.

From The Wrap: "He was aggressive and belligerent," Lt. Andra Brown said of the Welsh actor. "He was... berating everyone from the security staff to the United States of America." 

The actor was cited and released, and will have to pay a fine. We expect damage control to begin in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

UPDATE: Sony's response to the altercation is this: "Rhys Ifans was detained by Comic-Con security after a brief incident backstage prior to and immediately following the Amazing Spider-Man panel. Police were notified and a citation was issued to Mr. Ifans, who deeply regrets this incident." -- Source: Movieline




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