SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Spielberg Finally Hits Con and Quoth 'The Raven' Nevermore

SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Spielberg Finally Hits Con and Quoth 'The Raven' Nevermore

Jul 23, 2011

Steven Spielberg at Comic Con


Ron Perlman and Carey Mulligan hit a Con party with director Nicolas Winding. Julie Newmar still looks great as a feline. Malin Akerman signs posters, Alice Eve sits with James McTeigue, and John Cusack looks less than thrilled. Even Werner Herzog attends the festivities.

Plus:’s SDCC Celeb gallery.


David Ehrlich hears/imagines the best one-liners to come out of the event in Overheard at Comic-Con.

Ehrlich also offers highlights of Steven Spielberg’s SDCC panel with surprise guest Peter Jackson, and thinks Haywire kicks ass while The Raven falls flat.

Resident Twi-hard Laura Byrne-Cristiano talks to Bill Condon about the Twilight installment where Bella and Edward finally get it on.

Todd Gilchrist gleans 6 nuggets from Robert Rodriguez’s Quick Draw panel, while Elisa Osegueda sits down with the director for a chat.

Tara Bennett offers up the top 10 quotes from the Breaking Dawn press conference.

Picture highlights from Masters of the Web to Pee Wee Herman and the Final Destination 5 party, plus the Awesomely Weird costumes and the hottest costumes of Comic Con 2011.


@ConanOBrien: “I have arrived @Comic_Con. The air is thick with the smell of Cheetos and celibacy. #SDCC”

@maddisaurus: “you've GOT 2b kidding me. twilight @ #SDCC? comic-con is for NERDS. NERDS are lovers of INTELLECTUAL, OFF-BEAT things. twilight is neither.”

@devindra: “Spielberg says he wished he could have directed American Beauty. Sort of crazy to imagine what that would have looked like”

@juliewmiller: “During the Raven Q&A, a Comic-Con fan stepped up the mic and held a boom box above his head. John Cusack did not find this funny. #sdcc”

@CriterionCorner: “Sitting behind Soderbergh. I want to rub his head. Should I rub his head? I'm rubbing his head. #sdcc”

@popcandy: “This Batman panel is packed. And Julie Newmar, 77, sits at the front of the room, cat ears perched atop her head. #sdcc”


Video of the No Damsels in Distress Here panel with Kathy Reichs and more.

Her Universe: What Women Want in Their Female Sci-Fi Heroes panel video, moderated by Ashley Eckstein.


The Guardian talks about SDCC, failed Con pushes, and Shatnerpalooza as the potential highlight of 2011.

Clueless award: Vulture reports that Bill Condon was surprised by Twihard screams at Comic Con.

Katee Sackhoff, of Battlestar Galactica fame, tells Screenrant that she’s still itching to play Typhoid Mary.

Yahoo is offering up an extended clip from Fright Night.

Before the complete Star Wars saga hits Blu-ray, SDCC fans got to see some deleted scenes, which you can check out at Coming Soon.

HitFix dishes on Napoleon Dynamite’s new animated series.

EW sits down with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Marc Webb to talk about Spider-Man.

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