Comic-Con: Loki's Staff, 'Edward Scissorhands' Sequel, 'Evil Dead' on TV, and More You Might've Missed on Day Two

Comic-Con: Loki's Staff, 'Edward Scissorhands' Sequel, 'Evil Dead' on TV, and More You Might've Missed on Day Two

Jul 26, 2014

Comic-Con International in San Diego has already hosted the debut of Batman's cowl, Avengers art, and even a pizza thrower, and that was just the first day. We already assembled a roundup of cool stuff you might have missed on Thursday, and now we turn our attention to Friday's under-the-radar news and debuts from the second day of Comic-Con.


Captain Kirk Meets Cornelius the Ape?

In a surprising crossover that actually makes a weird sort of sense, IDW Publishing and Boom Studios announced Friday that they'll copublish a miniseries that brings together the Star Trek universe and the world of the original Planet of the Apes franchise.

Star Trek/Planet Apes: The Primate Directive will have Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew intervening when Klingons become involved in a revolution unfolding in Ape City. With Kirk and the Enterprise forced to assist Dr. Zaius and the orangutans, this puts the Starfleet team at odds with both the renegade apes and Colonel George Taylor.

There's no release date set for the series yet, but you can read more about the project at Newsarama.


Found: One Magical Staff Previously Wielded by Loki

Over the last few years, Marvel Studios' booth at Comic-Con has played host to fantastic props from some of its previous and upcoming films, and this year has been no exception. In addition to showing off Black Widow's suped-up motorcycle that will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Loki's staff made a surprise appearance at the booth yesterday.

Marvel announced its arrival via Twitter with a close-up pic of the staff – and more importantly, the weird contraption it's encased within at the moment. The last we saw of the staff, it was in HYDRA's hands at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so who knows what its appearance at Comic-Con could mean for Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Luke Skywalker vs. the Secret Service

Anyone who's read Mark Millar's comic book series The Secret Service is already aware that Mark Hamill appears in the series as the victim of a kidnapping, but yesterday at Comic-Con it was revealed that the Star Wars actor will play a role in the movie based on the graphic novel, too. Instead of playing himself, Hamill will play a character in the story – a character that appears to be on the wrong end of Colin Firth's wrath in a still that debuted on after Friday's 20th Century Fox panel.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is directed by Matthew Vaughn and hits theaters October 24.


Evil Dead: The TV Series?

During the Screen Gems panel on Friday, filmmaker Sam Raimi just happened to mention that he was working on an Evil Dead television series with longtime collaborator Bruce Campbell. While he didn't drop any more details about the potential series based on his 1981 horror hit, that's enough to get every Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fan speculating about what form a show like that could take.


The Return of Edward Scissorhands


IDW Publishing announced Friday that it will publish a four-issue miniseries that picks up several decades after the events of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, exploring exactly what happened to the film's titular, sharp-fingered hero after the close of the 1990 film. Written by Fraggle Rock and Adventure Time writer Kate Leth and Haunted Mansion artist Drew Rausch, the series promises to answer why Winona Ryder's character in the film is seen telling her granddaughter that she never saw Edward again after their initial adventure together.

The debut issue of Edward Scissorhands will hit shelves in October, just in time for Halloween.


They Mostly Come Out at Comic-Con... Mostly

As part of the 35th anniversary of the Alien franchise, NECA debuted its new line of collectible figures based on the sci-fi horror series, and they're pretty darn fantastic.

Along with a version of Ellen Ripley from Alien armed with a flamethrower and accompanied by Jonesy the Cat, the series also features figures of crew member Dallas in his Nostromo space suit, the android Bishop with a handy knife (for doing “the trick,” of course), and a version of Ripley in her own space suit, accompanied by an angry Jonesy. There are a few other figures in the line, too – all with a pretty amazing level of detail that any fan of the series will appreciate.

There's a nice gallery of photos of the line over at, including a close-up of a facehugger-attached figure that's sure to give you nightmares.

That's it for today's roundup of stuff you might have missed from day two of Comic-Con. Come back tomorrow for more under-the-radar announcements from the show!





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