Comic-Con Craziness, New Thor Poster Revealed, Who Will Play The Riddler?

Comic-Con Craziness, New Thor Poster Revealed, Who Will Play The Riddler?

Jul 21, 2010

  •  When Fanboys Go Bad... Proving the pen really is mightier than the sword, Hall H turned into a crime scene Saturday after the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel when someone got stabbed in the eye with a pen after refusing to switch seats with the guy next to him. Don't worry, the hype star presentations continued after the perp was arrested and taken out in cuffs, blood covering his new Harry Potter tee.
  •  Get Clu'd In The brand-new Tron: Legacy trailer debuted at Comic-Con Thursday afternoon, showing a better sense of what the film is actually about and Jeff Bridges as his 35-year-old avatar, the baddie Clu. Go on, geek out.
  •  See Saw...See Check out this eye-popping new poster for Saw 3D, exclusive on Bloody Disgusting.
  •  Sorry, Eddie Murphy... Guillermo del Toro is NOT returning any of your calls to appear in his re-do of The Haunted Mansion, as reported today from San Diego. GdT will key off some of the Disneyland ride's attractions, but his live-action version will be scary, and will be 3D.
  •  The Big Con Begins San Diego will be besieged by Storm Troopers, Wonder Women, Avengers, guys in tights, gals in weird bosomy goth gear and all sorts of other strange folks in costumes as this year’s Comic-Con begins this week, Wednesday through Sunday. Unless this is your kind of galaxy, stay far, far away. But keep checking back here, as we're going to bring you updates from the nutty scene.
  •  New Thor, Capt. America Images Speaking of SDCC, these posters for Thor and Captain America will be unveiled there, and they should get you excited for the flicks. Pretty cool.
  •  Riddler Me This Maybe because he resembles Heath Ledger, and more probably because Christopher Nolan loves him some Joseph Gordon-Levitt (see: Inception), rumor has it that the young and talented actor is on the short list to play villain The Riddler in Nolan’s Batman 3. Me like.

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