Comic-Con Craziness, Lohan's Mugshot and M. Night Is a Real Tool

Comic-Con Craziness, Lohan's Mugshot and M. Night Is a Real Tool

Jul 21, 2010

People in Weird Homemade Costumes Invade San Diego What’s all white and smells like it hasn’t taken a shower in three weeks? It’s that guy dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper walking through the San Diego Convention Center with thousands of his friends at the annual Comic-Con. Yup, it’s that time of year again, when geeks show their pride (and their overweight guts) by lining up for hours upon hours to watch three minutes of unfinished footage from an upcoming movie or TV show. Oh, and they also have comics there.

Jennifer Aniston Has a Crazy Stalker Note to the guy who has a thing for Jennifer Aniston: Carving the words “I love Jennifer Aniston” into your car probably won’t help you secure a date in the near future. Oh, and then staking out a potential location where Aniston might be with “a sharp object, a bag and a roll of duct tape.” Yeah, not good, dude. Not good. Naturally Aniston filed a restraining order against the man, named Jason Peyton, and authorities say he’s considered violent. Heck, after watching The Bounty Hunter, I wanted to stab someone too!

Mugshot of the Week: Lohan Reports to Jail This should make for a fun before and after. Behold Lindsay Lohan’s prison mugshot, taken shortly after she arrived at the Lynwood Correctional Facility for her 90-day prison sentence. In case you’re keeping track, the gal clocked in at 5’6” and 118 pounds, a svelte frame that may be ruined by a prison diet that reportedly includes such novelties as Spam, Kit Kat bars, lime-chili ramen and cheese curls (oh, and Adderall and Ambien, too). Despite appearing somewhat out of it, she still managed to give us that “seductive” trademark Lindsay smirk because, hey, prison is like an all-night dance club … minus the drugs, drinking, cute boys and, well, fun. See ya on the way out!

Take THAT, M. Night Whatsyourname While doing press overseas for The Last Airbender, one foreign reporter actually had the balls gall to say what’s been on a lot of our minds for awhile. Essentially, this reporter accused M. Night Shyamalan of “selling out” by making a commercial film in order to win back fans. Instead of, I dunno, admitting to making some mistakes, the director was offended by the question and goes on to call her "crass," tell her it's something she got off of Google, and insist that not only is The Village his favorite film, it's France's as well. How about this twist for your next film, M.? At the premiere of an arrogant director’s latest movie they pan to the audience and Aha! Surprise! He’s the only one sitting there.

Bill Murray is Becoming an Angry Old Man In an effort to prove that he’s completely lost his mind, Bill Murray continues to say the most ridiculous things during interviews for his latest film, Get Low. From criticizing the studio for making Ghostbusters 3 just for the money to absolutely trashing Year One (and its writers), the normally quiet actor is just a loose cannon lately. Speaking to GQ Magazine, Murray somehow wound up going off on his participation as the voice of Garfield, claiming to believe that the Coen brothers wrote the script and that’s why he committed to it. Naturally, when he learned the script was horrible – and that a different “Coen” wrote it – he was upset (and wouldn’t we all be?). Is it too much to ask Murray and Megan Fox to interview each other? I think I’d pay to see that.

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