Comic-Con in 60 Seconds: Marvel, 'Man of Steel,' 'The Avengers,' 'X-Men' Sequels and So Much More

Comic-Con in 60 Seconds: Marvel, 'Man of Steel,' 'The Avengers,' 'X-Men' Sequels and So Much More

Jul 15, 2012

An aerial view of the Hall H line this morning, as tweeted by MTV News reporter Kara Warner (@karawarner) and retweeted by many. 

Have you guys heard the one about the out-of-control comic convention and how long the line is? This morning's waiting queue for Hall H was the subject of numerous jokes on Twitter. I think maybe more jokes than people on line, if that's possible. If only Johnny Carson were around and attuned to geek culture. I kept hearing a non-existent Tonight Show audience somewhere shouting, "how long was it?" Well, here's a sample of punchlines and realities:

Glad to back in NYC, sad that it's because I'm in the back of the Hall H line. - @misterpatches

That’s weird, the #SDCC2012 Hall H line is ending where the Franklin BBQ line is ending… - @jcdeleon1

It’s 6am and the Hall H line is already wrapped around the marina twice. - @GermainLussier

Two hours later, I'm at the section of the Hall H line where I *started* yesterday. All the sadz. - @katieisms

Line moved and I'm now in a part of SD that I didn't know existed. Panel prospects are not looking good - @krystal_bailey

More like DJANGO UNREPORTED, cuz so few press outlets will actually get in. - @jhoffman6

People currently in front of Hall H line got in line at 7 am, but still missed the first panel. Brutal! - @kateyrich

Comic-Con admits (seemingly) about 10,000 members of the press. Only 6,000 seats in Hall H. - @rejects

Well, here's a good point, also on Twitter, via the official handle of Screen Rant: "how about some flat screens in the press rooms so we can cover panels without taking up seats for fans?"

You can scope out all of our comic-con coverage at our official Comic Con tag. Highlights include podcasts for Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, The Hobbit and more.

The Marvel panel just happened, and out of it came a whole ton of art. You can check that out here. (Pictured below: the Guardians of the Galaxy, due in theaters August, 2014.

Should Marvel create a S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off for the small screen? Apparently the "sweet" Avengers side-quel short film Item 47 gives good reason for this to happen. "Not only was it funny and sweet, we came away wishing these two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents could have their own TV show. Item 47 is centered around a Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque pair of outlaws, played by Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan. If these two started reproducing we're pretty sure they would birth out a litter of bunnies — that's how cute they are. [...] Overall, the whole thing is short and sweet — and leaves the door wide open for future shenanigans with Caplan and Bradford. There wasn't a single superhero shout out to be had inside this whole 'one shot,' but I didn't mind" (io9).

And concurred: "If the point of ‘Item 47′ is to leave the audience wanting more, then mission accomplished. They’re probably a little too fluffy to crossover into the theatrical world of the Marvel universe but Bradford and especially Caplan deserve more opportunities to show off in future Marvel properties" (Screen Crush).

Are we still talking about The Avengers? Because Joss Whedon has a new movie to discuss. Not that he didn't share some interesting info about that huge blockbuster and the Black Widow character specifically. He also gave a spoilery answer to one of the big questions fans had at the end of The Cabin in the Woods. But about that new movie, the adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, which really seems too artsy to talk about at Comic-Con: "Today on stage, while wearing a crew shirt with the title in big bold letters, he announced that the movie is done. They are still working on figuring out how to distribute the movie and are potentially bringing it to the festival circuit. The movie is filmed in one location (Whedon’s house, as a matter of fact), is in black-and-white, and reunites him with Amy Acker and Alexis Denissof, but the really cool thing about the movie is that it is the first time that Whedon has written a musical score. 'If it’s terrible, then it was my first. Leave me alone,' he said on stage, smiling" (Cinema Blend).

Unofficial and relatively unrevealing news (yet still of interest I'm sure) on the X-Men: First Class sequel comes via interviewing producer Simon Kinberg. He says they're only slightly concerned about keeping a continuity going with the first three, non-prequel X-Men movies. Also, what they'll be focusing on in the follow-up: "I'm not allowed to even breathe a word of any sort of details but I can say that the things that we thought worked well in 'First Class' were the characters, especially the four or five lead characters. The Charles-Erik relationship was obviously incredibly resonant and James and Michael did such an amazing job as those characters. Jen Lawrence and Nick Hoult, that's a really interesting relationship between Raven and Hank, so we're really going to be focusing on character and personally I really liked the period aspect of 'First Class' so we may well do that."

Regarding another Marvel adaptation, the Fantastic Four reboot has a screenwriter, his name is Jeremy Slater, his ridiculous twitter handle is @Boner_Mountain, and he has this to say with it: "I'm not really allowed to talk about the project, obviously. But I will say I bought my first FF comic when I was six years old. This has been my dream project for most of my adult life, and we're going to bust our asses to make the movie that the fans deserve."

Like the Batman movies? Then hopefully you'll get on board for another Bob Kane creation: "Evergreen Media Group has made a deal with Telefeatures to acquire rights to the 1960s cartoon series Courageous Cat. Evergreen is prepping a contemporary live-action/CGI feature with a new mythology for the character, one of only two properties originated by Batman creator Bob Kane that isn’t owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros." (Deadline).

Would you like to see a Resident: Evil and Underworld crossover? Here's what R:E's Paul W.S. Anderson says: "In the 'Underworld' and 'Resident Evil' world, both of those franchise are quite vibrant and healthy so the idea of a crossover is probably too premature. Knowing Kate and Milla, I'm sure they would love to work together and maybe that will happen, but I doubt that kind of crossover would occur." And Underworld's Len Wiseman: "We joke about it a lot, Paul and I, but I don't know. I as a fan would love to see it, but it would have to make sense within both worlds" (Shock Till You Drop)

Besides the movies and the TV shows, and yeah the comics, SDCC is all about the costumes, specifically those worn by hardcore geeks and those worn by hardbodied hotties. JoBlo combines the best of both cosplay worlds for its annual Hotties vs. Geeks gallery.


140 Characters or Less:

Been calling all the Hawkeyes Katniss. They do seem to mind. - @jessecarp

That moment when you're trying to get some work done and Deadpool comes by with a megaphone and a mob and steps all over your stuff. - @erinmccarthy

I thank every San Deigo cop I can. You should too. Appreciate that you're safe and they work hard. - @Da7e


Once again, if there's any big news or post we missed or you want us to share a bit or a link, let us know!

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