Comic-Con in 60 Seconds: 'John Carter 2'; 'Kick-Ass 2' and 'Speed Racer,' Too!

Comic-Con in 60 Seconds: 'John Carter 2'; 'Kick-Ass 2' and 'Speed Racer,' Too!

Jul 13, 2012


Kick-Ass 2 star Christopher Mintz-Plasse stands with friends in front of the ParaNorman ice-cream truck. (photo via @ParaNorman)

I'm sure you're following our San Diego Comic-Con coverage, but you should also be following our friends around the web, as things do tend to fall below the cracks. After all, this event is enormous. Not even The Watchers could see it all let alone report sufficiently. I mean, who knew the ParaNorman panel would be so significant? So here's the first of our "in 60 Seconds" roundups for this year's "nerd prom." And if you think there's anything we're still terribly missing or think something should be included in the next few days' compilations, let us know! 

First, a look at one long and frightening journey to Comic-Con, from the diary of film critic Brian Salisbury. I mean Rorschach:

"The quaint maxim goes: getting there is half the fun. Disagreed. That is of course unless the other, equally fun portion is having your pancreas probed by a particularly dull ice pick. Human beings were not meant to fly, that privilege is reserved for birds and blue-hued supermistakes with obtrusive, perpetually exposed wangs. Airlines are bloated sloths feeding on necessity, and I found myself in its cold grip. I waited until nightfall, seeking to evade notice under the loving cover of darkness. Then, putting on my best disguise of normalcy, my face packed neatly in carry-on, I gritted my teeth through security and boarded the metal, winged sarcophagus; succumbing quickly to a rage nap. This moment of complacency was duly punished, I should have known better. Suddenly the plane bucked like a seasoned companion-for-hire and altered course. Explanations of pressurization malfunction were groaned over the intercom, but I was sure I had been found out. Had the influence of the laughable Keene Act finally asserted influence over the TSA? No parachute, would have to fight my way out of this one on the ground" (Film School Rejects)

John Carter is back at Comic-Con? "'There is a booth at #SDCC? asking for signatures for a petition to have a John Carter sequel,' someone in San Diego tweeted today. And we almost couldn't believe it, so we did some digging, and yep, according to related site John Carter Two, they are indeed at Comic-Con, sharing a table where they are not only making sure to keep hope alive, but doing some giveaways for "John Carter"-related gear as well. In essence, they are marketing the movie long after Disney has given up, and you would hope the studio is paying attention, if only to throw them swag for their trouble." (The Playlist)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2's youngest star, Mackenzie Foy, is too cute for Comic-COn:

If you could dress up for Comic-Con, what would you dress up as?
A traffic cone!

Oh, yeah? How would you pull that off?

[I would get] a long traffic cone, and cut the top off and make it as a hat, make myself orange, put little things I can stick my hands through, and have my feet sticking out the little cone part on the bottom, and just walk around. Oh, and get orange tennis shoes. I’d be like, “Hey, traffic cone!” If I get scared I would just hide inside it. (Moviefone)

At the panel for the new stop-motion animated film ParaNorman, "Producer Travis Knight called it John Carpenter meets John Hughes, or Ray Harryhausen on bath salts. The trailer had a Donovan song on the soundtrack — now that’s how you win the kids!" (Screen Crush). Other names and titles dropped for comparison include Ghostbusters and The Goonies (The Wrap). On it's own, the presentation was called "a frequently funny and raucous glimpse" of the film. (HitFIx) Meanwhile, star voice actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse "had a surprise in store at this morning's panel for Paranorman, when a fan stepped up to the mic and asked about the status of Kick-Ass 2 [...] The actor who plays spoiled rich kid-turned-vigilante Red Mist said in the panel that it looked like the movie was going to happen, and that shooting would probably begin in September" (Cinema Blend).

Another animated film impressed Sony previewed clips from Hotel Transylvania Thursday. "It was a lot of fun to hear [director Genndy] Tartakovsky reference Abbott and Costello when he spoke of “stretching and pushing and pulling” at the mythologies of Dracula, Frankenstein and their crew to find the “cartoony” side of animation again. [...] Tartakovsky ended the panel talking about bringing energy back to feature-length animation and trying to channel old animation that remembered to keep the cartoons moving at ridiculous speeds" (Cinema Blend).

At the same panel: "One fan asked about the status of a Samurai Jack movie. Tartakovsky has worked with several teams to try and get it made, but creative differences always halted the production. J.J. Abrams wanted to make it at one point, and Tartakovsky sounded encouraged by Abrams’ take on the material. Ultimately, Abrams became too busy, and the project needed his attention to push it through to development.  Tartakovsky closed the discussion by turning to Murdocca with a hopeful, 'Maybe at Sony…' (Collider).

Hope shines a light on the anticipated but financially troubled movie of The Goon: "There was a time when fans were clamoring for the film so bad that they pestered creator Eric Powell about putting the film up on Kickstarter so that it COULD get made. Powell quickly shot down the idea, saying that the budget of the film was around $45 million and that the most succesful Kickstarter project to date had been $10 million. Well, color us surprised that Powell just tweeted the image below" (SuperHeroHype)

Canada hasn't been totally excluded from the superhero movie game, what with films like Defendor and I guess Scott Pilgrim vs. Th World and even Dudley Do Right, but now their equivalent of Captain America will be hitting the big screen with a script from Arne Olsen, who wrote the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Give a warm welcome to Captain Canuck! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Disappointed that Kenner never followed through with their planned Alien action figures 33 years ago? "Earlier today at Comic-Con, Super7 announced something crazy: they’ve unearthed the original 33-year-old prototypes and will use them to help make these “lost toys” a reality.  Like all the toys from the 70s, the figures will be loaded with five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.  Included will be Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane in Nostromo Suit and the Alien." (Collider). Do click on the site's link for images!

The cosplay that put everything in perspective: "What I felt wasn't pity. It was laughter, connection and respect. This stranger dressing up as Speed Racer reminded me of how comics, games, cartoons and other parts of nerd culture can provide escape, inspiration and a bond with others. It's an easy thing to lose sight of when people elbow each other out of the way for a free t-shirt or grouse about how a change to an action figure sculpt ruins everything everywhere forever. But Speed Racer rolled in front of me, a living avatar of the perseverance and transcendence the superheroes and outcasts of geek lore can symbolize. There are lots of reasons we show up and dress up for the Comic-Cons of the world. And Speed Racer reminds me of the best of them. Thanks, Speed, whoever you are" (io9)

As for those of you into fashion, but not that kind of fashion, MSN's WonderWall and NextMovie have galleries of movie stars -- including Robert Pattinson, Michelle Williams, Mark Hamill and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- on red carpets, panel stages and around the city. Okay, some are in costume, specifically Adrianne Curry. And some, like Kristen Stewart and Sarah Silverman, would have been better off donning some ridiculous cosplay garb. 

140 Characters or Less:

The big rumor at Comic-Con last night: @edgarwright's Ant-Man reel will play at the Marvel panel. We'll see. - @devincf

Confirmed: Shaq is gigantic. (Also, what is Shaq doing at Comic-Con?) - @mjsamps

Watching Stan Lee walk through a crowd of Comic-Con attendees is as awesome as it sounds - @ClassicSource

Kate Beckinsale just walked by me in a ridiculous pair of heels and tight leather pants. Yeah. That is all. - @ErikDavis

Just had a clear moment of "oh, I know that person, I should say hello.... Oh wait, that's Joss Whedon." - @kateyrich

I spy Larry King. He's standing in the middle of his Comic-Contourage. - @ChaseWhale

I'm at a party and David Faustino is here. Bet you wish that you were at Comic-Con now, right? - @mikeryan

10 people clap when Michelle Rodriguez brings up Girlfight. Woo! Indies! - @misterpatches

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