Comic-Con: The 'Back to the Future' DeLorean Returns from the Past

Comic-Con: The 'Back to the Future' DeLorean Returns from the Past

Jul 21, 2011

The Comic-Con convention floor is filled with all kinds of cool, nerdy things this year (see our Preview Night gallery here for a taste), but there isn't much that tops an appearance from one of the original DeLoreans used in the Back to the Future franchise. Only a handful of these still actually exist, and we've been told that this particular one was used in Back to the Future III. All weekend long fans can sit in the DeLorean and get their picture taken (for $20), and all proceeds go towards Michael J. Fox's foundation for Parkinson's research. Some random faces from the franchise will be stopping by, too, including Claudia Wells (the original Jennifer), Jeffrey Weissman (the George McFly look-a-like replacement for parts 2 and 3), and Billy Zane (Biff Tough Number 2), who's making his first ever convention appearance. Billy Zane? Random. Awesome.

Check out a few images of the DeLorean below, complete with some neat toys from the films on the seats.



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