With Studios Skipping Comic-Con, Which Movies Should We Expect to See Show Up?

With Studios Skipping Comic-Con, Which Movies Should We Expect to See Show Up?

Jun 13, 2011

So the story that has all the fanboys chattering up a storm today revolves around which studios are and aren't bringing their big upcoming movies to San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July. For the past few years it's been pretty much a given to see all the major studios show up with footage presentations and Q&As for their big, splashy buzzed-about upcoming movies. However, the New York Times reports that many studios are beginning to re-think that strategy, partly because the advanced promo doesn't seem to be impacting the box office (as evidenced by massive buzzy Comic-Con promotion for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Sucker Punch, both of which performed poorly even though the former came out only three weeks after the convention). Studios are also hesitant because early footage presentations could cause fan backlash, leaving publicity departments to spend months doing damage control (see: Green Lantern's weak presentation last year and all the bad buzz that followed). 

So then what will hardcore movie fans see when they descend upon the San Diego convention center from July 21-24th?  Well, the Times says Disney, Warner Bros., DreamWorks and The Weinstein Co. have already bowed out, with Marvel strongly considering it, despite being the talk of the fest last year when they paraded out the cast of The Avengers. Warners out of the equation means we shouldn't expect the first footage from The Dark Knight Rises, or any sort of Man of Steel panel. That said, there will still be plenty to munch on with the following films expected to be in attendance ...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (possible full screening, as well as panel)

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Hobbit

Cowboys and Aliens (possible full screening, as well as panel)

The Adventures of Tintin

Immortals/The Raven/Shark Night 3D

Those are the definites; others that haven't been announced may include: Prometheus, The Wolverine, Battleship, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 21 Jump Street, Total Recall, James Bond 23, Men in Black III, Ghost Rider 2, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and more.

Even though films like The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and The Avengers may not have a major panel presence at Comic-Con, we can't imagine them skipping it entirely, so expect some sort of reveal either in the skies above San Diego, or on the convention floor.

Which film are you most excited to check out (or read about) at this year's Comic-Con?

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