Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up: All the Coverage in One Place

Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up: All the Coverage in One Place

Jul 26, 2011

SDCCAt this point, if you're anything like us, at least, you're probably glad Comic-Con is over.  Oh, that doesn't mean we were unhappy it took place in the first place - we love the SDCC - it's just that every year at this time we hit a saturation point where we're just too overwhelmed by new movie news and coverage and we begin to dread seeing the words "Comic-Con:" at the beginning of a headline.  Not only is it a lot of work to cover the event, but it's exhausting just to read about it.  

So, we've made that work easy for you.  Here is everything we put together from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.  We hope you have as much fun - or at least fewer sweat stains - reading about the Con as we did covering it for you.  


Our Features

Storm Trooper

The Avengers Countdown: Top 5 Comic-Con Announcements and More! by John Gholson.

36 Hours at SDCC: A Survivor's Diary by David Ehrlich.

Overheard at Comic-Con: The First 36 Hours by David Ehrlich.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Countdown: TwiHards Wowed By Clips, Actors, and Surprises at Comic-Con by Laura Byrne-Cristiano.


The Panels

Chris Hesworth Huntsman

Del Toro and Refn Offer an Unexpected Master-Class by Todd Gilchrist.

Five Things We Learned from the Immortals Panel by David Ehrlich

Kristen Stewart Shows off Armor and Shield in Snow White and the Huntsman by Laura Byrne-Cristiano.

Francis Ford Coppola Tries to Reinvent the Filmmaking Experience with Twixt by David Ehrlich.

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour Electrifies the Alien Invasion Genre (New Images Inside) by Erik Davis.

Top 15 Quotes from The Amazing Spider-Man and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Press Conferences by Tara Bennett.

The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall and Ghost Rider 2 Conquer Fan Expectation by Todd Gilchrist.

The Relativity Panel, Haywire Kicks Ass, The Raven a Little Less So by David Ehrlich.


What We Learned From Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson About Tintin, Jurassic Park IV, The Hobbit and More by David Ehrlich.

Robert Rodriguez Offers Updates on Sin City 2, Machet 2 & 3 and More by Todd Gilchrist.

Top 10 Quotes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Press Conference by Tara Bennett

10 Choice Quotes from the Actors and Creatives Behind 'In Time', 'Prometheus' and 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' by Tara Bennett

Sony Animation, Pee-Wee Herman, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Drive and Masters of the Web by


Fans Celebrate the In-Production Hobbit by Larry D. Curtis.

7 Things We Learned from the 20th Century Fox Panel (Prometheus, In Time, Rise of the Apes) by David Ehrlich.


The Interviews


Conan the Barbarian Star Rose McGowan Talks Marique’s Daddy Issues, Long Claws, Heavy Makeup and Red Sonja (VIDEO) by Perri Nemiroff.

Andy Serkis on Apes, Hobbits, King Kong and Directing Alongside Peter Jackson by Larry D. Curtis.

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Cast Discuss Fright Night Remake, Nibbling on Necks and Jerry Dandrige vs. Edward Cullen by Elisa Osegueda.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk Tintin, Motion-Capture and Why They’re Code-Breakers by Elisa Osegueda.

Shark Night 3D

Jason Momoa, on Studying Samurais and Eating Raw Meat to Play Conan the Barbarian by Elisa Osegueda.

Robert Rodriguez Talks Heavy Metal, Spy Kids 4, Frank Frazetta and a 5D movie? by Elisa Osegueda.

Director David Ellis on Shark Night 3D, Its PG-13 Rating and Making a Smart Horror Movie by Todd Gilchrist.


The News

Paradise Lost

First Look: Bradley Cooper as Lucifer in Paradise Lost (Plus Panel Quotes and Concept Art from Comic-Con) by Erik Davis.

SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Jon Favreau Loves Christmas and the Con Wraps Up by Monika Bartyzel.

First Look at the New Hulk; Complete Avengers Team Posters Revealed by Peter Hall.

SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Rhys Ifans Throws a Fit, While Andrew Garfield Gushes by Monika Bartyzel.

Lily Collins Snow White

Comic-Con/Controversy: Amazing Spider-Man Star Rhys Ifans Arrested After Panel by Erik Davis.

SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Spielberg Finally Hits Con and Quoth The Raven Nevermore by Monika Bartyzel.

SDCC 2011 in 60 Seconds: Thursday's Breaking Dawn, Prometheus, and More by Monika Bartyzel.

First Looks: The Avengers, Haywire, Contagion and Lily Collins as Snow White by Monika Bartyzel.


The Photographs and Videos


The Coolest Toys/Models/Statues of Comic-Con 2011 by

William Shatner Leads Thousands of Fans in Epic "KHAN!!!!" by Erik Davis.

Final Destination 5 Party Brings the Pain ... and the Motorized Cooler Racing by

The Awesomely Weird Costumes of Comic-Con by


The Celebs at Comic-Con 2011 by Andrew Paulsen.

The Hottest of Comic-Con 2011 by

The Back to the Future DeLorean Returns from the Past by Erik Davis.

2011 Comic-Con Preview Night by


Oh, and if you happen to be on the Twitters, do tip your digital hat to our fine writers who were in the trenches to make it all happen:

 Erik Davis  Todd Gilchrist
 David Ehrlich  Laura Byrne-Cristiano
 Larry D. Curtis  Tara Bennett
 Elisa Osegueda  Perri Nemiroff


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