Watch: Coke Makes Noisy Theater Patrons Part of a Hilarious Movie Trailer

Watch: Coke Makes Noisy Theater Patrons Part of a Hilarious Movie Trailer

Mar 13, 2014

Coke theater PSA

Movie theaters have been advising patrons to turn off their phones and be quiet in various pretrailer PSAs for what seems like forever – but it hasn’t really worked. Every trip to my local multiplex reveals someone talking, texting or just crumpling the cellophane wrapper on their box of Sno-Caps, proving the spots are mostly ignored.

So, the folks at Coke got the bright and ambitious idea of capturing theater patrons in front of a green screen before a screening (thanks to a hidden camera), and then composite them into a trailer to make the point that being noisy during a movie really kinda ruins it by showing audiences the effects of their actions firsthand.

I’m all for shaming noisy theater people, so this clip is pretty cool. Of course, no one’s actually being shamed for their behavior here as the whole thing was shot in the lobby (where you can be as noisy as you want, within reason), but the point comes through loud and clear: when you make noise in a theater during the movie, you’re becoming part of the show – and the show is better without your contribution.

[via Gizmodo]


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