Bloody 'Cockneys vs. Zombies' Trailer Earns Its Red Band

Bloody 'Cockneys vs. Zombies' Trailer Earns Its Red Band

Aug 06, 2012

It's inevitable that any British movie about zombies made in the next 50 years is going to be compared to Shaun of the Dead. That's just what happens when a movie comes along as strong and original as Edgar Wright's brilliant love letter to the house Romero built. So let's just get that thought out of the way: Yes, Cockneys vs. Zombies is British. Yes, it's a comedy about a surprise zombie uprising. But that's about where the comparisons seem to end.

Going on the trailer alone, Cockneys vs. Zombies seems to be taking a more-the-merrier approach to not only its cast, which is a mixture of young London East Enders and old geezers from a retirement home (the most notable name looks to be Michelle Ryan from NBC's failed Bionic Woman reboot), but its number of exploding undead body parts.

The Matthias Hoene-directed horror comedy hits U.K. theaters August 31, 2012, but it's currently without a U.S. release date. It will be playing at Fantastic Fest, however, so you can count on us reporting back once we do see it.

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